How Does Development in Hilliard Impact the Schools

How Does Development in Hilliard Impact the Schools

Many people have seen the City of Hilliard develop a new comprehensive plan.  According to their web page, they launched Hilliard by Design to significantly update the city’s 2011 comprehensive plan.

While we congratulate the City Leaders for creating such a forward-thinking document, we hear that some in our community need more clarification on what the city can do with land owned by the school district. The short answer is they can not buy or sell property owned by the Board of Education without the Board’s approval, nor have they ever tried to. The Board appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with our city partners on projects that impact the schools.

Currently, the Hilliard School Board of Education will continue working on the District’s Master Facilities Plan, or MFP. An MFP is the product of a data-driven process that guides capital planning decisions over the next 5-10 years. The process takes into account community and stakeholder feedback, which results in transparent decisions about:

  • Educational programs
  • Facility use
  • Capital investment

This MFP will address many fundamental questions:

  • What kind of schools will best prepare students and inspire them to achieve their full potential for the future?
  • How many students will attend our schools in five years? Ten years?
  • What is the correct number, size, and location of schools to best serve these students?
  • Where do we need new schools?
  • Which current buildings should be replaced, expanded, modernized, or repurposed?
  • What is the cost and schedule to make these changes?

You can click here to access the web page to learn more about the District’s MFP process. If you want to participate in the process moving forward, please email us by clicking here.


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