Special Education Staff

Jennifer Lowery

Director of Special Education

Jennifer has been a dedicated, respected and trusted leader in our District since 2000. She spent six years teaching in the special education field before becoming a principal at Washington Elementary. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, and two Masters Degrees, one from John Carrol University and one from the University of Dayton.

Jennifer coordinates the needs of all students in the district, and works to make sure they are met at the highest level. This means collaborating with OT, PT, Nurses, Guidance, Adaptive PE, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists. She strives to find the newest technology for all students to communicate and access the general education tools.

Jennifer has two children who go to school in Hilliard and enjoys running in her free time.

Special Education Coordinators:
Deana Adams Davidson High School, Weaver Middle School, Brown, Darby Creek
Amy Case Ridgewood, Avery, Bradley High School, Memorial Middle School
Debbie Cochran HCSD Preschool, Station, Tharp, Hoffman Trials, Washington
Brian Hart HCSD Preschool Principal
Jamie Lennox Darby High School, Heritage Middle School, JW Reason, Scioto Darby, ILC
Shelli Miller Alton Darby, Beacon, Britton, Crossing, Horizon, Norwich