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Melissa Swearingen

Melissa Swearingen


The quantity and quality of learning programs are related to the funding provided and the effective, efficient management of those funds. It follows that the District’s purposes can best be achieved through prudent fiscal management.

Because of resource limitations, there is sometimes a temptation to operate so that fiscal concerns overshadow the educational program. Recognizing this, it is essential that the Board take specific action to make certain that education remains central and that fiscal management contributes to the educational program.

Fiscal ServicesAs trustees of the community’s investment in the facilities, materials and operational funds, the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the investment is protected and used wisely. Competent personnel and efficient procedures are essential for sound management of fiscal affairs. The Board expects that the Superintendent and the Treasurer keep it informed through reports, both oral and written, of the fiscal management of the District.

With the assistance of other designated personnel, the Superintendent and Treasurer are expected to develop an efficient and effective procedure for fiscal accounting, purchasing and the protection of plant, grounds, materials, and equipment through prudent and economical operation, maintenance and insurance.

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Anita Dalluge, Deputy Treasurer

Heather Ayers Zabonik, Fiscal Office Manager

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