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Planning educational environments that support current and future practices for our students

FALL 2019 Survey Results

On November 13, 2019, an Educational Framework questionnaire along with a presentation and supporting data was released to the Hilliard Public. This questionnaire was designed to gauge the preferences, tolerance, and thoughts of Hilliard’s community in regard to facilities, grade configuration, and potential boundary changes, among others.

The questionnaire was available to complete for 1 week ending November 21, 2019. Four hundred and thirty-seven (437) responses were collected encompassing feedback with affiliations at every school in the District.

Cooperative Strategies would like to thank the students, staff, Board of Education, and the community of the Hilliard City Schools for their commitment and dedication to the planning process.

Out of the 437 responses, below are the most prevalent comments/concerns:

1. All-day Kindergarten at all elementary schools

2. Need another 6th grade school to clean up the feeder patterns

3. All facilities should be equitable

4. Safety of facility and students

5. Expand special needs Pre-K and support options

Respondents were also concerned with the degree to which technology influences the school experience. There was support for adding to/updating existing facilities as well as to build new facilities. Overall support for elementary redistricting is high. A push for more mental health services was also a common theme.


We launched an exchange with the following question to discover different perspectives and inform our decisions on this important topic. You can explore the results of this exchange with the interactive tools below.

Facilities for Tomorrow Conference

The conference was held on October 20th.

Members of our community learned about current and future trends in education and participated in small group discussions. 



View the meeting presentations and handouts.




Look Here to get answers and learn more about the Master Facilities Plan process.

Time Line

The process will take place over several months.