Business Department

Mark Dudgeon

Mark Dudgeon

Chief Operating Officer

The Hilliard City Schools Business Department maintains the District’s 29 buildings, which includes schools, administration offices, support services building, storage areas and two transportation compounds. Our professionals maintain 2.35 million square feet of building area, 886 acres of grounds and roadway, 58 acres of playground areas, and over 83 acres of athletic fields. The Business Department also manages the tracking and record keeping of the District’s assets. All of this in support of over 16,500 students.

Support Staff

Archie Armentrout, Grounds Coordinator

Andi Cunningham, Transportation Services Coordinator

Bill Starrett, HVAC Coordinator

Gary Heyder, Warehouse Coordinator

David Huston, Project Manager

Marcia Kleinhenz, Secretary

Josie Blevins, Inventory

Keith Rabley, Maintenance Coordinator

Jeremy Taylor, Assistant Custodial Coordinator

Mike Thomas, Maintenance Coordinator

Dave Wilson, Food Service Director

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