Embracing Uniqueness in Her Classroom

Embracing Uniqueness in Her Classroom

Gail Tanner, Arrow Program’s Gifted Intervention Specialist, exudes creativity and imagination into her classroom every day. Gail was ecstatic when the opportunity arose for her to teach at the Arrow Program. The program is a nontraditional learning environment for highly gifted students. “Teaching in a non-traditional environment brings challenges every day, and the student’s learning is not predictable, and that brings me excitement. Watching my students solve problems in their unique way makes me want to come to work each day.”

In her classroom, Gail makes sure her students feel welcome and accepted for who they are and their uniqueness. “The world is tough enough, and kids should have a place to go that’s welcoming, happy, and accepting no matter what, and for some kids this is the only place. Teaching is hard, but if we all have each other’s backs, we can make these kids feel great and bring positivity to the building.” Gail enjoys not only her students but also loves her colleagues in the Arrow Program. “They are awesome and make coming to work enjoyable.” She found that working in such a unique program with other teachers that share her passions creates a rewarding environment in which she works.

Outside of teaching, Gail enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandson, and taking care of her animals. She can travel often due to her husband being in the horse racing business; they spend their weekends traveling to different tracks and races where she enjoys being around well-groomed horses. When she’s not traveling, she is home taking care of her animals. Her newest addition to her family’s animals is a horse she recently adopted. Although she does not ride anymore, she thought it would be fun to take on a horse as part of her pet family.

If that isn’t enough Gail volunteers as a soccer coach for her grandson’s youth soccer team. The team desperately needed a coach or else they could not play for the upcoming season, so Gail stepped up and took on the challenge. This is her second year coaching, and she loves seeing the players grow each practice.

Gail’s realistic and positive outlook on life has helped her students express their unique selves and feel more comfortable in their non-traditional learning environment.

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