Digital Wellness Month


The Hilliard City School District takes pride in our implementation of technology in the education of the whole child. As we live our district mission, to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow, we know that technology is part of our students’ world today and will be an even larger part in the world of tomorrow. From autonomous cars to artificial intelligence, from medical advances extending lifespans into the 100’s to the ethical challenges of 24/7/365 connectivity, today’s public schools are required to be leaders in technology implementation.

Our district also takes tremendous pride, and we embrace the responsibility, to prepare well-rounded, socially skilled, and emotionally balanced students. For us, educating the whole child isn’t only about preparation for graduation. Educating the whole child is about preparation for life. Social and emotional learning demands the same attention to detail, the same focus, as the academic foundation we provide each student. It is required of today’s schools to balance the implementation of technology with the development of interpersonal and social skills. It is imperative that students can work in groups – that they understand the Power of the Team. Future success will require students to embrace a growth mindset and a future of continued learning.

February is Digital Wellness Month in the Hilliard City School District.  As nationally recognized leaders in the area of instructional technology, we also strive to be leaders in student safety, wellness, and balance. Technology is a tool – not a way of life. Life is built on relationships, service, and health . . . life is about balance. In the Hilliard Schools we embrace this commitment; our values are grounded in this work.

During February you will hear, read, and watch information purposefully crafted to start conversations with young people. We encourage families to engage in these same conversations at home; it takes all of us working together to keep students safe and healthy. We will talk about Wellness & Balance – we are social beings and must cultivate relationships and face-to-face interaction. Etiquette provides us the opportunity to talk about being a positive, optimistic voice on social media and through technology. Citizenship is about honesty and responsibility. Safety demands that we are always mindful of what we share, with whom we share, and where we share information.

Our technology department and professional staff take great pride in the work we do in Hilliard. We continually live our growth mindset and embrace new technology as it emerges to keep our schools on the cutting edge. At the same time, we know there are foundational principles that we share as a community. We are proud to work together during February, during Digital Wellness Month, to focus on social and emotional well being and safety.