Digital Wellness Month (Week 1)

Digital Wellness Month (Week 1)

March is Digital Wellness Month at Hilliard Schools

Technology is all around us. Devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets have vastly improved the way we learn, solve problems, and work in our daily lives. In our increasingly technology-rich world, it is essential that students are equipped to lead a balanced and healthy digital lifestyle for success in school, at home, and in their future careers.

Over the next month, we will explore the four facets of digital wellness: Well Being, Citizenship, Etiquette, and Safety.  Each week we will send out ideas to help build digital wellness in student’s lives.  This week, let’s talk about ways to develop Digital Well Being in students.

Settings to help students reduce notifications on their devices.

If you would like a template for creating a family media plan, try this out.

For more ideas on how build Digital Wellness skills in students, check this site out.

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