Following Her Family’s Legacy

Following Her Family’s Legacy

Coming from a long line of educators, Patricia Bergstrom always knew that she wanted to continue her family legacy and be an educator. Patricia is a Hilliard graduate and has fond memories of her teachers while growing up in the Hilliard City Schools district. “School was so important to me and I felt cared about at school, and because of my amazing teachers that cared so much, I wanted to be that person for my students,” Patricia stated. 

Patricia is a Freshman math teacher at Hilliard Bradley and loves to follow-up on her students throughout their high school careers. Just like her experiences going to school, Patricia wants to not only be there for her students educationally but personally as well. “Knowing that kids have a lot going on outside of school, I want to be there for them as an inspiration to learning and that doesn’t have to be just math. It can be overcoming obstacles they are going through outside of my classroom.” It’s important to Patricia that she teaches math and also helps her students make the most out of their time at school, become problem solvers outside of the classroom, and do what they love. 

Thanks to her early morning workouts, Patricia brings never-ending positive energy and excitement to her classroom. Searching for a selfcare outlet, she stumbled upon OrangeTheory and fell in love with their workouts and the community. These early morning classes get her energy flowing before she starts teaching. She noticed that she was bringing more energy to the classroom and had an increased positive mindset to situations after she started consecutively working out. “I put in a lot of energy and focus on my students thanks to the workouts I do in the mornings.” 

The one debatable vice Patricia has is her “procrastination tool”, baking. We’ve heard from Bradley peers however that her treats are nothing less than amazing. So, no complaints there. Takeaways from time with Patricia are to enjoy each and every moment, do what you love, be passionate, and baking can be a tool for procrastination but more importantly compassion. 


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