An Original Song From Academy Vibe Student

An Original Song From Academy Vibe Student

Hilliard Davidson and Innovation Campus student, Lisa Curtis has written and recorded some awesome original music over the past year. One song from her October 2021 release has blown up with nearly 400,000 listens across online digital platforms so far. This prompted her classmates from the Innovation Campus Academy Vibe class to collaborate on a unique project. First, Alex Blum, a junior from Bradley, arranged the song for the string orchestra. Then Darby senior Katie Caleodis brainstormed a live video recording of the song with the strings playing. The music was given to Mr. Patrick Barrett at Davidson, who helped his chamber orchestra learn the piece. Caleodis directed and recorded, Davidson senior Thomas Sladek played bass, and Blum played electric guitar. The drums were provided by Lisa’s father, Steve Curtis. Darby senior Mara Ciriaco then edited the video together. “It’s so amazing to see students from all three buildings collaborating for one awesome project! This is exactly what the Innovation Campus was designed to do” said Academy Vibe teacher Mr. Phil Nagy. Please enjoy Lisa Curtis performing her original song ‘Hand Me Downs’ live with her band and orchestra!


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