Tharp Science Teachers Work with OSU Expert

This summer several Tharp Science teachers collaborated with Dr. Anthony Brown, a cellular biologist in the Department of Neuroscience at the Ohio State University. Key areas of focus for Dr. Brown’s studies include understanding the structure and function of neurofilaments (sub-structures of nerve cells that are present in axons and dendrites) in health and disease, which align directly with Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Sixth Grade Science. Our teachers discussed ways to determine how collegiate-level studies and content could be adapted and applied to enrich the sixth grade science curriculum. A major highlight during this visit was using a fluorescent-imaging microscope to view live cells. This work with Dr. Brown is a great example of how Hilliard teachers strive to grow professionally through drawing upon community resources to further their expertise and create authentic learning experiences for students.

Throwback Thursday – School Board Lowers Class Fees for 2015-16 School Year

When you start looking at your middle and high school students’ schedule for the 2015-2016 school year you will notice substantial decreases in fees for certain classes. This is due to changes the School Board made to fee schedules adopted during the May 11th Board meeting.

For middle school, 16 fees have been completely removed; these include social studies and some science fees. At the high school level fees have been removed for 49 courses, including world languages, math and performing arts. There are still AP charged course fees. Read More

Saving Money on School Supplies

In an effort to help save families money our middle school teachers and administrators have dramatically reduced the number of school supplies you need to buy for your student. By writing our own textbooks and focusing on blended learning in our classrooms our team has been able to cut out some supplies. We understand the costs associated with back to school time and we want to do our part to keep those costs as low as possible for our families. Read More

Lighting Issues Being Resolved at Hilliard Davidson

Many of you have noticed some of the lighting poles and mounting racks were not correctly installed around the football stadium. We want to assure you that we have been working with the installation contractor and the city to bring the project up to our standards without disruption to the start of the school year. The general contractor for the light pole project will be on-site for roughly 2 weeks.

We are not pleased that it has gone in this direction; but we insist that it be done correctly. We will stay on top of this until the job is complete and up to our standards. Thank you for your support as we work through this issue.