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Hilliard Recognized for Student Growth

The Ohio Department of Education recognized the Hilliard City School District as one of fifty-three districts in Ohio for exceeding expectations in student growth in 2015 with the Momentum Award. According to the Ohio Department of Education website, “Schools must earn straight A’s on all Value-Added measures on the report card.” Read More

Lessons in Digital Citizenship

Students at Norwich Elementary are working hard these first weeks of school. The first step in learning more about technology is a lesson on being good digital citizens with technology teacher Mrs. Ripp. She has been working in classrooms showing students how to be good digital citizens, informing them about digital safety, and explaining about their digital footprint. Students also learn how to take care of our technology equipment in their classrooms, and how they all can help be classroom technology leaders. Ready for Tomorrow begins in the classroom today as students learn to create and protect their online information.

Infrequently Answered Questions

What is the R-Factor training the students are receiving this year?

The R-Factor is a system for handling daily events and personal responsibility. It develops self-discipline; it asks each of us to Press Pause and think about what we want to say and how we want to act. Tim and Brian Kight with Focus 3 have developed the R-Factor. Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District is partnering to bring this leadership model to our students. Our team in Hilliard is creating age-specific teacher modules, with support from Tim and Brian Kight, for our students. We know that the life skills we teach our students – determination, perseverance, grit – must be balanced with the academic skills we provide in our classrooms. The Hilliard Way is a whole child approach to education . . . we truly prepare each and every student with the skills to be Ready for Tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning more about the R-Factor and the E + R = O formula, Read More

Special Gift for the Alton Darby Outdoor Learning Space

Alton Darby is happy to celebrate a new addition to their outdoor education space. Due to the hard work of Daniel Butchko, a former ADE student and senior at Bradley HS, they have received two picnic tables. Daniel is a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Badge and decided to support his community and give back to the school that proudly supported him when he was young. Daniel has put well over 200 hours into this project. Read More

Scioto Darby Redesigned

The year started off in an exciting way at Scioto Darby Elementary School. The bright colored flags outside welcomed students to a new way to organize classrooms inside. Instead of the traditional way of having all the classrooms at the grade level next to each other in the hallways, Scioto Darby staff have reorganized themselves into Learning Communities made up of one each of second, third, fourth, and fifth grade classes. There are 4 Learning Communities at the school: The Seekers (S), the Discoverers (D), the Explorers, (E) and the Panther Cubs made up of the kindergarten and first grade students. This organizational change will support personalized learning and develop relationships among students and teachers. The staff is excited to keep the positive energy and excitement felt on the first day going all year long.

First Day Spaghetti Challenge

Students at Station took part in a team building exercise last week. The Spaghetti Challenge is when students collaborate to build the highest marshmallow tower in 18 minutes with only 20 spaghetti strips, 1 meter of string and 1 meter of tape. Last year the winning team built a structure 43cm tall!

This type of collaboration helps introduce students to the work in R Factor training our entire district will be doing this year. This gives students the opportunity to look at the event in front of them, work together as a team on their response and get the best outcome possible as a group. This also helps students get to know each other and develop a sense of pride in their team and school.