International Dot Day

The students at Alton Darby Elementary and Darby Creek Elementary became one giant human dot for International Dot Day. It was created as an extension to Peter H. Reynolds book, The Dot. The symbolism of creating this dot represents ADE and DCR communities coming together to make our mark on the world. Norwich Elementary students have been decorating dots for International Dot Day. The book centers around one child making his own mark on the world. The Norwich students have connected to the text by writing about ways they can make their own mark. The students also held a town hall meeting to discuss the book. This brought many different perspectives, from all ages. They will continue this learning by sharing their thinking with classes at Hoffman Trails Elementary by communicating through Skype.

Hilliard City Schools Releases First Quality Profile to Community

Hilliard City Schools released its first Quality Profile (QP) to the community today. The QP shares not only how Hilliard Schools is performing in six key areas, it also shares the district’s goals for improvement and is being mailed to every household in the community.

“We wanted to engage with our community in a more meaningful way,” said Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D. “A Hilliard Schools education goes well beyond a state mandated test and our community deserves to know about the progress we’ve made, where we still need to improve and our goals for the future.” Read More

Hilliard City Schools Demonstrates Progress and High Performance on Local Report Card

Hilliard City Schools has demonstrated progress as well as a high level of excellence on the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) Local Report Card (LRC). The most significant progress came from the Gap Closing measure as well as the individual value added areas of the Progress category.

“We are certainly pleased with the progress our teachers have made with students this past school year,” noted Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D. “However good is never good enough and we still have more work to do to meet our mission of ensuring every student is ready for tomorrow. In addition while this data is valuable and will help inform our instruction, it does not demonstrate the full picture of a Hilliard City School’s education. We will use not only this information, but data from our Quality Profile that will be released on Monday to better engage our community regarding our overall progress and expectations for the future.” Read More

Testing Students with a Purpose

Unit tests, spelling tests, achievement tests, final exams, state tests . . . we all have experiences and memories studying for, cramming to prepare for and taking tests. We’ve made flashcards, held study groups, drilled, practices and memorized as part of our education experience.

We’ve studied and prepared to earn higher grades, we’ve studied to earn praise and we’ve worked to avoid negative consequences. Some among us are intrinsically motivated; we simply want to work hard for the sake of learning. For others external consequences – the rewards or punishments – provide the motivation to do well. Tests have a place in schools . . . it just must be the right place. Read More

Students and Staff Recognized for Outstanding Results on Midwestern Test

Congratulations to Noah Adams and Ethan Hessick, both 7th grade students at Heritage Middle School, and Christopher McDevitt, a fifth grade student at Scioto Darby Elementary, who have qualified for the NUMATS award ceremony. This means they scored within the top 1-2% of gifted students who took an above-grade-level assessment through NUMATS in the 2013-2014 academic year. Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) is designed to identify gifted and talented students in the Midwest. Each year, Read More

Community Conversation – Engaging with the Community

Hilliard City Schools leaders engaged with community members about the district’s current academic accomplishments, financial picture and state of school repairs as well as future needs for all three areas. Information was shared, questions were addressed and more conversations will take place in the future, but everyone left with a better understanding of where not only our schools, but our community stands today. This type of open dialogue is important as Hilliard City Schools intends to place both an operating and bond issue before voters sometime in 2015. See the entire conversation and learn more about what’s going on by viewing this video.

Darby Graduate Honored as True Professional of Arboriculture

Chris Ahlum, an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborist®, professor and co-owner of Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation in Columbus has been named a “True Professional of Arboriculture™” by ISA. The True Professional recognition program honors arborists and tree care professionals for their positive impact on the industry in and around their communities.

Ahlum, a 1999 graduate of Darby High School is vice president and co-owner of the family arboriculture business. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbus State Community College where he enjoys teaching the next generation of professional arborists. Read More