Final Exam Changes

Tests and assessments . . . students have been taking them in American schools for generations. Exams are part of our school culture; we test students to see what they know, where they need to improve, and if our instructional practices are reaching the students. I don’t know an educator who believes we should get rid of all assessments. We must have accountability in our schools.

The recent focus on assessments in Ohio has garnered a great deal of media attention. Teachers, parents, and students have expressed serious concerns about the amount of testing we are doing in our public schools. There is legislation pending to reduce the time spent on state assessments; our legislators have heard us and are considering a myriad of options. Read More

Strong Schools Mean Strong Communities

Through the Hilliard Way video series we have heard about our local curriculum control, our blended learning, our college and career preparations and how we help keep the local economy strong. In this video we hear from Hilliard Mayor Don Schonhardt and Superintendent John Marschhausen. They discuss how the Hilliard Way helps create a stronger local community and our leaders of tomorrow. The entire Hilliard Way video series is located on the district homepage.

Civil War Reenactment

Heritage social studies students had the opportunity to witness the civil war in their own backyard. A civil war reenactment was set up so students could interact in a more realistic way with the curriculum. They used historical thinking skills to research, analyze and interpret these sources. These curriculum standards allow students to begin to understand the relationships among events and draw conclusions.

School Board Lowers Class Fees for 2015-16 School Year

When you start looking at your middle and high school students’ schedule for the 2015-2016 school year you will notice substantial decreases in fees for certain classes. This is due to changes the School Board made to fee schedules adopted during the May 11th Board meeting.

For middle school, 16 fees have been completely removed; these include social studies and some science fees. At the high school level fees have been removed for 49 courses, including world languages, math and performing arts. There are still AP charged course fees. Read More

Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Free Summer Reading Club

Be a Hero. Read kicks off on Saturday, May 30 for another summer of reading fun! With another school year winding down, the library is gearing up for their annual Summer Reading Club. Students participating in this free program read books – and eBooks – while earning great prizes, enjoying more than 1,000 programs throughout the library locations and, most importantly, keeping those crucial reading skills sharp.

And don’t forget a library card is the most valuable card in your wallet. Signing up for one is quick, easy and free at any location or by visiting Read More

Davidson Prom

The 2015 Davidson Junior-Senior Prom will take place on Saturday, May 9th. The theme this year is Studio 15. The after prom will be a casino night. Pictured here is the prom court.

Back Row: Luke Hoover, Chris Giffin, Sean Liberati, Ethan Foster, Ziyad Rasul, Markus Bailey, Brent Thomas, Jake Russell, Daniel Kuder and Eric Lo

Front Row: Meghan Munson, Erin Duffy, Margo Lince, Maddie Sue Griffin, Christy Behrent, Rachel Yuricich, Kyla Stroh, Zoe Pitts, Katie Fugitt and Megan Earley