Alumni Spotlight – Cole Decker

Alumni Spotlight – Cole Decker

Cole Decker, a 2012 graduate of Darby High School, said being exposed to things bigger than his existing world throughout high school means he was more than Ready For Tomorrow. 

Upon graduating, he earned a bachelor’s in marketing & consumer research from Ohio University before landing a job with 84.51°, a Kroger subsidiary named for its longitudinal coordinates. During his six years with the company, he worked in data analytics, sales and client service, and solutions management. Today, he works as a Product Operations Manager with HIVERY, a Sydney, Australia-based company (yes, he recently had the chance to visit “the land Down Under”) focusing on artificial intelligence for retailers. 

What helped him most prepare for his current journey during his high school years was being exposed to various careers and having a wide array of opportunities to express himself. He took everything from photography to engineering and marketing courses while at Darby, the variety of which was unique to Hilliard during that time. 

Speaking from his experience in Darby’s photography classes, “seeing firsthand how art and science blend together in the darkroom, and understanding that you can make something really beautiful when you combine the two, propelled me to do what I’m doing now,” he said. 

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