Hilliard Cheer Celebrates Tradition and Achievements at Annual Cheerfest!

Hilliard Cheer Celebrates Tradition and Achievements at Annual Cheerfest!

For the past 16 years, the competition cheerleading teams from all three high schools and middle schools get together for one evening of cheer. Cheerfest started in 2008 to get all the schools together to showcase their competition routines. Former coaches and cheerleaders evaluate the performance of each school. Each coach uses the feedback to perfect their routines for the season. Hilliard Cheer is the only school district in the state with more than one high school that continually places within the top 10 at states each year. Each school has won numerous OCC, State, and even National championships. Our robust middle school programs serve as a foundation for these exceptional programs.

This year at Cheerfest, three former coaches were inducted into the first class of the Hilliard Cheer Hall of Fame, recognizing their commitment and dedication to our cheer programs’ history. Each has made a lasting impact on our programs.

Carolyn Dougherty, a retired teacher, coached middle school sports for over 30 years. She laid the foundation for all our programs.

Aimee Jordan, an intervention specialist at Brown, coached at Heritage and Darby. She moved to Bradley when it opened and earned a State Championship the first year.

Michelle Miller was a coach and teacher at Darby High School for 17 years. Her passion for teaching and coaching was well-known throughout all of our cheer programs.

For the first time this year, the cheer programs collaborated to offer a scholarship to a senior athlete who demonstrated leadership not only in their cheer team but also in the school and community. Congratulations to all of our inductees!

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