Horizon Fitness Frenzy

The students at Horizon Elementary participated in a new event at school they called Fitness Frenzy. This was an event created with staff and parent collaboration. Each student completed a fitness obstacle course. Empowering students to take control of their wellness helps prepare them to be Ready for Tomorrow. The day didn’t end at the closing bell though. The Fitness Frenzy was open to parents and siblings later in the evening. They used the evening portion of the night to bring the Horizon community together to help raise funds for their PTO.

Grants Provide More Security

Earlier this year Superintendent John Marschhausen shared with the community information about two grants the district will receive related to enhancing school security. Each of our 24 schools are receiving a radio that will enhance communication with the first responder dispatching services in the most serious of school security events.

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Blended Learning at Station

Sixth grade students at Station are using a new tool that works with the iPad. Osmo offers students a chance to learn while also using their imagination. This picture shows a word game. This inspires students to increase vocabulary skills. Teachers can also use the device to input their own pictures and words to allow review of literacy terms and vocabulary in other subject areas. Being Ready for Tomorrow means giving our students the opportunity to embrace new technology and learn in new ways as they master curriculum.

Darby Homecoming

Darby High School will celebrate Homecoming this weekend. The theme this year is Hawaiian Paradise. Picture here is the Homecoming Court:

Back row: freshman Zoe Hartman, sophomore Kali Apelt, senior Caitlin Toops, senior Madison McDonald, senior Amelia Young, senior Erica Custer, senior Megan Ferguson, senior Claire O’ Toole, junior Morgan Littin front row: freshman Josh Baldridge, junior Joe Estepp, senior Drew Deshuk, senior Tyler Long, senior Ryan Rampi, senior Keegan Davidson, senior Andrew Landers [Tolles], sophomore Bhupinder Whar

not pictured: senior John Gehrt

Photo Credit: This Week News

Leaving A Mark . . . Making a Difference

We Embrace, Empower and Inspire . . . this is our district’s vision. It is great to have a vision statement – it is better to live your vision each and every day.

Check out this video created by the teachers and staff at Alton Darby and Darby Creek elementary schools.The Hilliard Way is about people, relationships and excellence . . . we are blessed to have an environment that embraces creativity, inspires excellence and empowers innovation.