Ohio Innovative Learning Environments Conference

The 2014 Ohio Innovative Learning Environments conference is a collaborative effort between the Hilliard City S​chools and the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. We are very fortunate to host an extended learning experience that promotes 21st century, cutting-edge teaching and learning and empowers educators to seek new and better ways to actively engage the minds of their students. As always, the single most important word in our conference title is INNOVATION. How can we continue to motivate our students to be thinkers and innovators? Most importantly, how can we educate our young people in new ways that will ensure that they truly are ready for tomorrow? The conference will take place August 4-7. You can learn more and sign up here.

Throw Back Thursday… Publishing the Next Great Novel

Taking a page from Facebook we are going to spotlight some stories from earlier this year in our own version of Throwback Thursday! Here is one from the fall.

Imagine what it must feel like to publish your first novel. For the kindergarten students at Washington Elementary it was pure joy. The students have written and illustrated their first books, and through the school’s publishing shop, were able to bind them. This meets literacy curriculum standards of vocabulary acquisition through writing. It also meets the standard of beginning to understand the concepts of print. Publishing a book in kindergarten opens new career paths for the student and prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

99.2% of Hilliard Third Grade Meets State Requirement for Promotion

1159 of the 1168 third grade students in our district have met at least one of the state criteria to be promoted to fourth grade under Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee requirements – a 99.2% promotion rate. These students have either passed the Ohio Third Grade Reading Assessment (OAA), the alternative assessment (Measures of Academic Progress – MAP), or are exempt from the requirement due to special needs or limited English language skills. 91.6% of Hilliard Third Grade Students met the state criteria on the Spring Reading OAA. The remaining students met the requirement on the Fall OAA, MAP assessment or were exempt. Read More

Refinancing Bonds to Save Money for Taxpayers

During the June 9 meeting, the Board of Education approved a resolution that will allow the district to refinance approximately $5.6 million in bonds issued a 2006 to ultimately save tax payers dollars. The sale should allow taxpayers to save $1.78 million over a 14 year period and is similar to a deal the district executed in 2013 that provided a net present value savings of 7.38 percent to taxpayers. Read More

Homeland Security Recognizes Diversity Program

Diversity Coordinator Janet Monseur-Durr is traveling to Belgium as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties delegation to represent the Columbus area in a community engagement on countering violent extremism exchange program. They will work through a partnership with the U.S. Department of State. Monseur-Durr is the 2014 Ohio Education Association Human and Civil Rights Award Winner. She says when students feel connected and engaged with their community they are more likely to develop positive relationships and become contributing members to society. According to officials at Homeland Security, “no one does this better than Hilliard City Schools.” This is her second trip to Belgium with Homeland Security. Monseur-Durr is proud of how our schools value and honor every student in terms of who they are as a whole child to ensure that they are Ready for Tomorrow.

Summer Academy

This summer the Hilliard City School staff is hard at working preparing for next year. As part of the summer academy program anyone on staff is able to take courses the district offers to inspire learning and empower our staff to become even better. There are more than 100 courses, taught by our own staff and by outside experts. Teachers are able to earn CEU’s, or continuing education units, which go toward licensing requirements. Our staff embraces the opportunity to learn because they know that being the best they can be will prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow.