Heritage Student In National Spelling Bee

Hilliard City Schools would like to congratulate Heritage Middle School student Lipika Narisetti for her accomplishments this week in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She did amazing and ran all the way through the semi-finals until there were less than 31 students left.

Here are just a few of the words she had to spell correctly to advance; katana, nautilus, guttiferous, intussusception and the championship word impresario. It was the word ‘rechauffe’ that ultimately ended her run. We couldn’t be more proud of this young spelling champ!

Brown Students Visit OSU Cancer Research Lab

30 Brown Elementary students were able to visit the James Cancer Research Lab at The Ohio State University this spring due to the school’s Pennies for Patients Campaign. Brown is consistently on the top end of fundraising and this year was no exception. The students and staff raised $23,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! That was enough to be named the #1 school in Ohio, #3 elementary school in the nation and #8 school overall in the nation! We are so proud of their hard work and dedication. While at the James the students were able to see exactly where their fundraising goes and how the cancer research experts are working o find a cure.

Jumping for Jazz at Britton

Britton students were jumping for jazz during two afternoon assemblies this month. Musicians Becky Ogden, Dave DeWitt, Derek CiCenzo and Aaron Scott presented authentic jazz music in a fun and interactive way, involving students at every step. The primary students were treated to a musical presentation of Pete the Cat, and were able to sing along. The program concluded a jazz theme for the year, which also included a fifth grade musical. The program was made possible through corporate and individual support for JAG educational programs.

Crossing Outdoor Learning Space

Students at Crossing Elementary spent the year designing an outdoor learning space. They used google maps and pixie at the beginning of the year to create their dream space all while mastering mapping skills with the use of technology. Read More

Station Students Testing Egg Drop Vehicles

Students in the Team A STEM class have been studying Bernoulli’s Law which relates to drag and lift. To bring the lesson to life they created a project which could have real world implications. They decided to design a process for bringing medical supplies and aid to a boat stranded in the ocean. This type of project based learning allows the students to see how technology and design is used in engineering to solve every day problems.