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Global PenPals

Weaver and Davidson students in Ms. Urbanek’s Spanish 1 and 2 classes put their classroom communication skills to authentic use when they wrote Spanish letters back to their pen pals in Navalcarnero, Spain.

Ms. Urbanek lived in Madrid, Spain during 2014-2015 school year and worked as an English Language and Culture Assistant at a high school in Navalcarnero with a program through the Spanish Ministry of Education. She said,It’s a great feeling seeing that “spark” when students have an authentic platform to use their Spanish. With the ease of social media these days, students can keep these connections alive. ​These are the kind of connections I was looking forward to bring back to Hilliard students after my year in Spain. ”

Giving students opportunities to communicate and make connections with other students globally prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Alton Darby Discovers How to Draw

Author/Illustrator Steve Harpster spent time working with students at Alton Darby Elementary. He is the author of How to Draw books and gives amazing, engaging school presentations. He shared video clips with students about his works as well as creating some step-by-step illustrations with them. Identifying relationships between selected elements of art and design is a key component of the students Art Curriculum Standards. This opportunity allowed the staff to provide examples of how we encounter art and artists in everyday life. Giving students the opportunity to work with professionals from our community prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

The Future of Jobs

In January 2016 the World Economic Forum (WEF) issued a report entitled, “The Future of Jobs.” In this report the WEF cautioned that “the fourth industrial revolution” will continue to change the labor markets in the major world economies as early as 2020.

The report shares that millions of jobs may be lost due to “redundancy, automation, or disintermediation.” The proliferation of technology and robotics is changing our world – and it isn’t going to stop any time in the foreseeable future. The good news is that millions of new jobs will be created in new, specialized areas such as computing, artificial intelligence, math, and engineering. Read More

The Great Kindness Challenge

In January, J.W. Reason Elementary School students actively participated in The Great Kindness Challenge, (GKC). The GKC is a global initiative where participating schools all over the world devote one week, January 25-29, to reinvigorate their campus with a kindness driven culture. The J.W. Reason counseling department passionately partnered with the Innovative Learning Center’s Academy EDU students to provide an unforgettable experience for our students. Academy EDU provided over 450 students with interactive, hands-on kindness lessons and activities each day during the week. J.W. Reason Student Leaders had a large part in spreading kindness by providing each student with a “kindness checklist” to achieve during the week and inspirational videos on announcements to guide our daily focus. J.W. Reason Elementary and Academy EDU look to continue this partnership for years to come and help grow the Great Kindness Challenge week with Hilliard City Schools.

Heritage Middle School Featured on PBS Program

Art students at Heritage Middle School recently created large mosaic panels that line the pillars of their school’s courtyard. With the guidance of professional mosaic artist Lynda Elias of Delaware Mosaics and two very dedicated art teachers, the students actively demonstrated the four important components of education that are literally embedded in the artwork: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity.

The project was featured on the PBS program Broad & High. You can view the segment here. This project was made possible with a grant from the Hilliard Education Foundation.

Norwich News

A student led news program called, Norwich News, kicked off its 15th year last week. The school news reporting team started in 2001 and has evolved over time. Fourth and fifth grade students apply each year and are selected to be on the team. Students report on current events such as sports, weather, news in the world, book reviews, and much more! Originally, the news was filmed using a video camera and edited in iMovie. With the district’s One-to-One initiative, students now use iPads to record their news articles, use apps like “Explain Everything” and “iMovie” to edit, and then upload them to air as one episode using their Google Drive accounts. The episodes air each Friday for the entire school to enjoy. Giving students the opportunity to create current event news programs prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

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