Embracing the Community to Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Technology, and more specifically personal devices, are part of nearly every industry today. When the doctor sees you for a check-up, he/she uses a tablet instead of a paper chart. UPS scans and tracks every package at every step of the delivery process with a hand-held device. Repair technicians plug cars into portable computers to diagnose the problem and order parts. If we are to prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow this must include a conversation about the use of technology and personal electronic devices. Read More

Enrichment Opportunities

Hilliard City Schools will offer two new enrichment options for students. The Music Enrichment “Kid Composer” is an opportunity for students in fourth and fifth grades to focus on the fundamentals of music composition with the ultimate goal of composing songs. This is a blended model of online and face-to-face. There are two face-to-face meetings scheduled for February 6 and February 13 at 3:45 p.m. at the McVey Innovative Learning Center. The rest of the sessions will be online. This 10-week experience is open to the first 30 registrations. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the MILC. The cost is $50. Read More

Fifth Grade Laser Demonstration

The students at Beacon Elementary took part in creating a laser light show. Jason Salt, a Beacon parent, worked with the fifth grade to demonstrate how he draws the designs. Then through the use of reflection, special lenses, and mixing the three primary colors of light, he creates the images and coordinates them with music. He explains that a three to four minute light show can take 30 to 40 hours to prepare. This parent’s science hobby is one of the key components of the fifth grade curriculum in the Light Energy Unit. When parents and staff work together to teach the students real world applications of science, the students are Ready For Tomorrow.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Fourth and fifth grade students at Brown Elementary School had the opportunity to talk about the civil rights movement with a local resident who introduced Martin Luther King, Jr. at a rally in 1963. Jill Hultin, a central, Ohio native, was 21 years old when she and eight friends attended a rally in support of civil rights in Alabama. Hultin was asked to introduce King before he spoke at the rally just a few months after his “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C. Opportunities such as these allow Hilliard City Schools’ students to learn about history, people in societies, geography, economics, citizenship and government through first-hand accounts. Embracing community members to be part of the learning process ensures that every student is Ready for Tomorrow.

Norwich Students Skype with Author

Students at Norwich Elementary talked to Author Bryan Chick. The students were thrilled to ask him about their favorite story, The Secret Zoo. The author spent time explaining how he writes his books, how he develops characters and how the students can be better writers. Being able to interact with professionals in the real world is preparing Hilliard students to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Roller Coasters in Sixth Grade!

Students at Hilliard Station Sixth Grade are building roller coasters in science class. The project based learning unit demonstrates how science plays a role in building and operating the rides. Part of the sixth grade science curriculum is learning about kinetic and potential energy. When the students design and create their own roller coaster that demonstrates potential and kinetic energy, they take another step toward being Ready for Tomorrow.

Take a taste

Good nutrition is big step in preparing Hilliard students to be Ready for Tomorrow. Each month there is a food sampling during lunch to expose children to fruits and vegetables they may never have tried before. These students at Britton Elementary were trying cauliflower and kiwi this month. Over the next few months students can try spinach, watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries and bell peppers. The schools work with parent volunteers to help serve the fruits and veggies. ARAMARK Food Services sponsors this program free to all elementary schools in the district. Hilliard City Schools contracts with ARAMARK to manage the Foodservice Program.