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Brown Anti Bullying Campaign

Student leaders at Brown Elementary lead the building in a month-long campaign to fight bullying. The older students talked to younger students about what it means to be kind and take care of each other. They read the book Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry to help teach the littlest ones.

Students made a banner that says, “Together Against Bullying, United for Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion.” All the fourth graders at Brown wrote on it ways that we can be kind and support World Unity Day against bullying. Read More

Darby Creek Coding

Fourth and fifth-grade students in Jana Blamble’s math class are learning to code this year. The students are enrolled in a self-paced online coding class as a means to introduce them to the world of computer science. This early learning to code helps kids see the importance of understanding computers as tools rather than just a fun toy. In addition, coding helps build logical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance, collaboration, and communication.

College Information for Parents and Students

We are fortunate to have a college counselor in our district working to make the process easier for our families. Tom Woodford works to reach each student and family in the district to let them know about college information nights, deadlines for applications and how to get help with financial aid. Tom hosts parent information nights beginning in the eighth grade. This helps parents feel secure knowing their student is on the correct path to graduation. You can sign up for Tom’s college information only newsletter. Once a week he will send out important dates and news parents and students need to know. There is also a college information page located on the ILC’s homepage. Preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow means working with them at every stage of their high school career.

Digital Safety Workshop for Students and Parents

Please join us on Monday, November 9 at 6:30 pm at Weaver Middle School for a digital safety workshop. In this class we will talk with parents and students about various options and choices while working in a safer, digital environment at home. This workshop will feature two breakout sessions in which parents and students will be grouped separately. Each breakout session will be tailored specifically to the parent or student audience

Weather Investigations at Britton and Norwich

Students from both Norwich and Britton collaborated on a variety of weather investigations. Britton teachers, Lindsay Friedman, Amy Hubek, and Ginny Simon partnered with Norwich teachers, Diana McCreary, Rachel Mitchell and Mary Ogden to plan engaging hands-on stations to kickoff an upcoming weather unit.

Together teachers met to plan lessons, gather materials, and organize volunteers for this joint learning experience. Students rotated through stations set up outdoors between the buildings. They were able to explore properties of air, make weather instruments, practice using other weather tools, and learn how cloud watching can help predict the weather. Sharing resources and learning opportunities across campuses helps prepare these students to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Time Flies . . . Success is Earned

It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for convocation and welcoming students for the first day of school.

The 90 degree days with evening sunshine have given way to darkness in early evening, leaves falling from the trees, and a bite in the nighttime air.

It has been a great start to our school year in Hilliard. From the iPad distribution days for our middle school students to the shift to Canvas as our learning management system – we are doing business better. We are utilizing textbooks written in iBook author by our own teachers – resources better than anything we could purchase. Hilliard is doing more with data; we are utilizing the KidzMet survey to add learning and personality styles to our toolbox as we strive to personalize learning for every student. In our classrooms and with our resources . . . we are doing business better. Read More