Class Rank and Weighted Grades

See how the Hilliard City School District addressed student and parent concerns on weighted grades and class rankings. Superintendent John Marschhausen explains how we embrace community concerns to be sure every student is ready for tomorrow.

Media Specialist Recognition

Congratulations to two Hilliard City Schools Media Specialists for being chosen to represent the district on the American Library Association Selection Committee. Christina Dorr, Ph.D., from Alton Darby and Hilliard Horizon Elementary, participated in selecting the Theodor Geisel Award winners for the best beginning reader books. Liz Deskins, from Hilliard Bradley High School, helped select the winners of the Carnegie Medal, for the best children’s videos. Christina and Liz also write articles and teach online courses in literature, inquiry, and technology for the American Library Association. When staff members are able to network and advance their professional set of contacts it opens new opportunities for our students, and better prepares them to be Ready For Tomorrow.

Message to Parents from Superintendent John Marschhausen

Dear Parents of Hilliard City Schools Students,

With the unseasonably cold winter, the Ohio Department of Education recently opened the opportunity for school districts in Ohio to engage with students online during calamity days. This process is commonly referred to as “blizzard bags” and can be a tool for school districts to use as part of their calamity day planning. During last night’s Board of Education meeting, the board approved a resolution in support of this tool.

A blizzard bag is when assignments are posted online for students to complete at home during calamity days. Students have up to two weeks to complete the assignment and turn it in for credit. Students who do not have Internet access at home will receive the assignment in paper format when they return to classes. Not only does this allow for a more continuous flow to the educational process, it also satisfies Ohio Revised Code requirements for school-time credit for up to three calamity days. Read More

Design Process for the Real World

Students in the sixth grade at Hilliard Tharp designed balloons and marionettes in the
STEM class. After reading Balloons Over Broadway the students learned the history of the balloons used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Read More

Many Thanks…It Takes A Village

The unseasonably cold weather this week has certainly presented numerous challenges for everyone in our area. I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank everyone who made it possible for us to educate students this week. First of all, thank you to our parents who bundled-up our youngsters as they made their way to school. It isn’t easy preparing children for below zero temperatures; thank you for getting your students to our schools so we can continue their education.

Thank you to our bus drivers, mechanics and maintenance teams for having buses warm and ready to go, our sidewalks and drives cleared and our buildings warm when the children arrived. It’s been a long week for our support staff with many very early mornings… Thank you! Read More

Embracing the Community to Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Technology, and more specifically personal devices, are part of nearly every industry today. When the doctor sees you for a check-up, he/she uses a tablet instead of a paper chart. UPS scans and tracks every package at every step of the delivery process with a hand-held device. Repair technicians plug cars into portable computers to diagnose the problem and order parts. If we are to prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow this must include a conversation about the use of technology and personal electronic devices. Read More