District Assessments, How Students, Parents, Teachers and the District Use the Information

As we work to identify and meet the needs of all students in the district, Hilliard City Schools uses a variety of assessments throughout the school year. Teachers and administrators look forward to gathering this data and analyzing the results as they continue to meet the needs of every child. This series of videos will explore the different assessments used in the district and how they shape the individualized education for each student. Part one explains the three types of assessments used, how a student feels about testing and the district’s goal in using the data. Part two looks at what is done when the data is collected. Part three shows how teachers take the data and turn it into every day lessons. Part four wraps up the series with a look at how parents can best work with the school to understand the results. This truly creates students ready for tomorrow.


Darker Mornings… Use Caution

Daylight Savings – and the additional hours of sunshine in the afternoon – are with us until Sunday, November 3rd. While the additional hours provide great opportunities for outdoor play and events in the evenings, we are heading to school and work in the morning when it is still dark. Pre-dawn darkness and the first rays of morning sun peaking over the horizon create some difficult – and sometimes dangerous – situations for walkers, bike riders, and students waiting for the bus.

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Asking Questions is Critical to Student Success

Asking critical questions isn’t just a tool classroom teachers use with students. It’s something we as educators do on a regular basis to help enhance our practices. It is because of this constant examination that Hilliard City Schools is leading the way and taking action to enhance student learning.

This year, the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) establishes a goal that “student learning will be maximized through the implementation of 21st century instructional practices that are responsive to assessment results and designed to meet the individual needs of students.” While this means many things, it specifically includes the establishment of a grading and assessment task force. This group of teachers and administrators will examine research-based best practices and share their finding related to the creation of common formative assessments and general assessment practices. Read More

District Assessments Part 3: How Teachers Use Assessments

No assessment is worth the effort if teachers can’t utilize what they learn. This video looks at how teachers take the data they receive from assessments and put it to practice in the ever changing classroom. Hilliard City Schools works to put every student in their own, best learning environment. The collaboration between teachers, data experts and principals is just one example of how the district creates an individualized curriculum.

Hilliard Bradley High School Theater Fall Production

The Jaguars theater department will perform Black Comedy during two shows Friday, September 27 and Saturday the 28, both at 7 p.m. The show is about a struggling artist and his fiancée who have, without permission, borrowed their wealthy neighbor’s furniture to impress an art collector. When the main fuse blows and their neighbor arrives home early, they must sneakily (and hilariously) move everything back to the way it was before the electrician turns the power back on. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door of the Hilliard Bradley High School Performance Art Center, 2800 Walker Road in Hilliard.

Professional Development on Late Start Days

Late start days offer the Hilliard City Schools a chance to work on district wide professional development. It’s an opportunity for staff to work in their school and in their teaching teams. The focus for the September 25th late start is on Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s). These are academic goals that teachers set for students based upon the district’s curriculum. They are developed by both principals and teachers and focus on each individual students’ needs and academic growth targets. Here the staff at J. W. Reason Elementary is using the time to help personalize education for every student. Just one more way Hilliard Schools are ready for tomorrow.