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Autism Awareness Month

By Cory Poe, Intervention Specialist Teacher Leader

April is a time to raise awareness, take action and celebrate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to the most recent CDC report, it is estimated that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD. It has also been determined that this statistic has stayed the same since the last report was released in 2014. There are many components to consider when interacting with a child with ASD. Here are a few tips: Read More

Davidson Students Win Film and Art Awards

Congratulations to Cassidy Boyuk who won the Congressional Art contest in Steve Stivers’ District. Her work will hang in Washington D.C. for the next year and she won a trip to see the artwork through Southwest Airlines.

Congratulations also go to Koichi Nakazawa and Rayvn Isbell who were chosen to show at the Ohio Shorts Film and Video Juried Exhibition. It’s a highly competitive showing that is extremely difficult to get into. This is a showcase to celebrate the vibrant culture of local filmmaking.

You can watch Koichi’s short film here.

Being Ready for Tomorrow means giving students the chance to compete and be successful not only our local community but on the national stage as well.

Darby’s Panther Press Takes First Place

Congratulations to the Panther Press staff who won an overall FIRST PLACE rating for newspapers in the Ohio Scholastic Media Association Awards! The past two years they earned a 2nd place rating. Each person on staff has contributed to earning this 1st place rating.

Congratulations also to the following students for winning individual awards through the Ohio Scholastic Media Association. Read More

Bradley Art Students Showcase Mural in Columbus

Hilliard Bradley Art students were invited in August 2015 by Reese Brothers Productions to design a mural to be one of multiple murals permanently installed in the downtown Vine Street Parking Garage. A group of 17 advanced art students from Photography 2Three, Portfolio and Ceramics Four started designing the 5-foot by 10-foot mural in November 2015 and finished it up this year. The mural was designed to represent numerous Read More

Norwich University

Norwich University is a special time during the school day set aside two times a month devoted to allowing students to explore passions, interests, and dreams. During this time, the entire staff is teaching passion driven classes and courses to help ignite interests in our students. Some examples of the classes are, “Just Dance, Future Movie Critics, Art and Illustration, Sign Language, Young Scientist Club, Yoga, Animal Palooza, Greeting Card Design, Build It, Warrior Dash and Team Games, Song Writing, and Making Websites! In the words of a first grader after completing her Yoga class she said, “That was AWESOME!” Being Ready for Tomorrow means helping students discover their passions and how through their passion they can become lifelong learners.

Horizon Students Blogging with Columbus State Students

Fifth grade students have been working with Columbus State Community College students on a joint blogging project. All the students read the same book and the Columbus State students have been guiding the fifth graders through questions along the way. They respond back and forth through KidBlog. While this project has been going on for a few years, this spring they added a new layer. The CSCC students and teacher met the fifth graders at Horizon. This opportunity gives our Hilliard students the chance to interact with college students and to see what life after high school can look like.