Family Traditions at Crossing Elementary

The students in Kathryn Walker’s kindergarten class at Crossing Elementary learned about holiday traditions with the help of some parents. The students had a fun time learning about their classmates. One family talked about their family’s Swedish heritage. Hilliard City Schools is proud to be able to engage parents in educating our students. This partnership is what truly prepares our students to be Ready for Tomorrow.


Twitter Connections: Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Request: Unblock Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, gaming sites, and other entertainment options.

My Answer: Unfortunately bandwidth is a limited commodity. Streaming music, radio, or videos, playing games, and posting large files takes a disproportional amount of bandwidth. We must protect our bandwidth for instructional needs. As we add devices each year, and begin to provide devices to students with our One-2-One rollout, the requirements for online resources, Apps, and instructional videos also increase.

My recommendation is downloading your playlists, videos, and/or Apps before students come to class. Yes, I always listen to music when I’m doing work; it is relaxing and enjoyable. I plan ahead, download my playlists, and listen to music without streaming it through the district’s Wi-Fi. Read More

Weaver Design and Robotics Class Featured in the Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch visited Weaver Middle School this week to talk to students in the Design and Robotics Class. It was a great chance for our students and staff to showcase the robust curriculum we have, and the amazing opportunities our students take part in. Giving students the chance to pursue their passions while mastering rigorous curriculum prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow! Read the Dispatch article and watch a video.


Hilliard School’s vision is to ensure every student is Ready for Tomorrow.

But, what does that really mean?

It is more intricate than simple academic performance on a standardized test. School performance can’t be measured by a single letter grade; school performance is complex. We must educate, and cultivate, the whole child providing exposure to the arts, leadership, citizenship, and athletics.

So, in Hilliard, we challenged ourselves to dig deeper.

We Measured Hope.

Propelling us through challenges, overcoming negative experiences, and carrying us over obstacles: Hope. Read More