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Honoring our Tolles Students

The Tolles staff honored 41 students during the district’s second annual Lift Awards, sponsored by the Tolles Parent Advisory Board. The award was started to honor students who go above and beyond to help others, approach school with a good attitude, are passionate about their program, show respect to staff and students, or those who have “lifted” themselves during their time at Tolles. Students were nominated by staff members and honored during a special reception.

We want to congratulate these Hilliard students for being recognized: Read More

Third Grade Economic Decisions

Hilliard Crossing third graders took a trip to Tinapple Plaza to learn about making economic decisions. They each had $3.50 to spend. They took time to learn about opportunity costs, positive and negative incentives, markets, producers and consumers. Authentic learning prepares our students to be Ready for Tomorrow.

From Food Safety Lesson to Cookout

More than 100 students in Claire Roderick’s Family and Consumer Science Classes at Heritage Middle School had the opportunity to learn firsthand about food safety, preparation and nutrition. The owner of Mosley’s Meat Market in Hilliard spent the morning teaching students about safe handling of raw meats and how to grill the meats and Read More

Celebrating Excellence 2016

This is the fifth year for our Celebrating Excellence staff recognition program. We are committed to excellence, and committed to recognizing our fellow employees who go the extra mile to meet the needs of our students. Across the district, there are more than 1,500 employees.

Today we honor these 12 employees who emulated the characteristics of this distinguished honor. Read More

Washington Students Hangout with Hoffman Trails Students

Last week Mrs. Scally and Mrs. Collura’s Washington kindergartners participated in a Google Hangout session with students from Mrs. Dameron and Mrs. Gage’s classes at Hoffman Trails. A Google Hangout is a video chat service that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats.

The older students read Rumpelstiltskin to the younger students. They then asked questions about the story. The students were able to engage in a great discussion about the literature. Being Ready for Tomorrow means giving students the opportunity to work with the latest technology while engaging their learning in new ways.

College Jump Start Presentations

Juniors and seniors in the College Jump Start program at the ILC presented their research posters last week. The College Jump Start program allows students to take several Columbus State Community College courses free of cost during high school that count for dual credit. During Mrs. Antos’ second Read More