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Infrequently Answered Questions

Tim Kight, Brian Kight, and the team from Focus 3 work in the corporate world and must come with a hefty price tag. How is the district able to afford bringing Focus 3 to Hilliard Schools?

Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District are in partnership for the creation of R-Factor materials in the K-12 Education space. By working together, we have agreed to create material, lessons, and documents that can be used to spread this work to a larger client base in the future. We are blessed to work with Tim and Brian Kight; they have dedicated time, expertise, and talent to our district. We are proud to be partners. Our work as a district is an “in kind” payment for Focus 3’s traditional fees; our agreement does not require any monetary payment to Focus 3. It is truly a great opportunity to live our mission – to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow by learning and teaching every day. Read More

Gym Class in Two Languages

Brown fourth grade students welcomed two new students this year from Taiwan. During gym class the students were playing Four Square. The students worked with Google Translate to help each other speak their native languages and teach their new friends the game. In Hilliard, our diversity is our strength; it is what makes Hilliard students Ready for Tomorrow. When our students work together to help each other we have a stronger community. Our teachers work tirelessly to meet the unique needs of every student in our District.

Davidson Singers All State

We are proud to recognize five Davidson students who have made the All-State Choir this school year. These students worked very hard getting ready for our auditions, which were submitted last May. In February, they will represent Hilliard Davidson along with 155 other Ohio singers at the State Convention in Cleveland. This is the most representation Davidson has had in the All-State choir. Read More

Guest Blog: College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement Course Success Rising

Our district’s mission is to prepare each student to be “Ready for Tomorrow.” Tomorrow is going to be very different for many of our students. We are proud of the personalized education we offer our students each day. There are many avenues for our students to pursue as they work toward being Ready for their own Tomorrow. Read More

Community R Factor Workshop

R Factor is a Performance Pathway taught by Tim Kight and his company Focus 3 that we are sharing with all 16,000 plus students in our district.

It helps you navigate the events of life and work in a way that produces great results. The answer begins with a simple, but powerful equation: E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome) Read More