Updating Your Address

Did you recently move?

If yes, you are required to provide a new proof of residency. Your documentation can be submitted to the Welcome Center, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 to 4:30 PM.

Two documents are needed to prove residency. Provide one document from List A and one from List B below. You will need to deliver the documents to the Welcome Center located at 2140 Atlas Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228.

A. 1st Proof of Current Residency Options

  • Mortgage Statement with custodial parent’s name listed.
  • Lease Agreement with custodial parent’s name listed and signed by the lease agent. All signed rental contracts must accompany the attached HCSD Residency Verification Release.
  • Purchase Contract signed by both buyer and seller (if within 90 days of enrollment)

B. 2nd Proof of Current Residency Options

  • Official Confirmation of address change filed with the US Postal Service mailed to your new address
  • Current (within 30 days) Utility Bill, in custodial parent’s name showing service address at Hilliard Schools’ residence
  • Current (within 30 days) Government Mailing (i.e., child support, government assistance)

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