Darby Students Place Top 3 in Engineering Competition

Darby Students Place Top 3 in Engineering Competition

Congratulations to Hilliard Darby sophomores, Jennifer Norris and Alyssa McDowell, who won the 2023 Central Ohio Miniature Bridge Building Competition, and Noelle Hampton, Halle Atkinson, and Angela Santiago, who placed third out of 63 teams. These students designed a bridge structure with the highest load-to-weight capacity ratio over a predetermined span using supplied materials.

The purpose of the event is to provide the opportunity for students and the local civil engineering community to interact and help students:
1. Learn how to apply principles of physics and math to bridge design and construction;
2. Undergo the process of preliminary design, detailed design, and construction of a miniature bridge to understand the hard work and challenges of the civil engineering world;
3. Experience firsthand the procedure of testing an engineered element to better under its capabilities;
4. Learn about the many facets of a fascinating and challenging career in civil engineering.​​

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