Recipients of the Embrace Empower & Inspire Award

Recipients of the Embrace Empower & Inspire Award

Congratulations to these Embrace, Empower & Inspire Award winners, Latoya Spetnagel (Secretary at Crossing Elementary) and Gage Volbert (School Counselor at Washington Elementary).

“As school staff members we have to meet the basic needs of students before we can meet their academic needs. When a first grade student was in tears about his favorite pair of high top tennis shoes needing new laces, Latoya went above and beyond to assist him. After trying packing tape and everything in between, Latoya decided it was best to quickly run to the store, buy a new pair of shoe laces, and have the high tops ready to go for recess. Latoya did not get to experience the pure sense of joy and being cared for as the first grade student ran back to class and proudly announced, “She bought me new laces!” The student went from silent tears streaming down his face to pure joy. “Do small things with great love.” That is exactly what Latoya does everyday, with every student, without exception.”

“Mr. Volbert has made us feel welcome at Washington since before the school year even started. With a new kindergartener coming in with severe anxiety, he has always been someone our child is excited to visit and talk to about her feelings. Mr. Volbert has also gone above and beyond to support our family as we navigate resources to help our child not only at school, but at home too. He truly cares and has dedicated so much of his own time to helping us. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful guidance counselor caring for the mental and emotional wellbeing of our little girl. Mr. Volbert has embraced our family and made us feel heard and empowered. We are thankful for him making such a difference in our daughter’s life, and he is beyond deserving of this award.”

These staff members go above and beyond the expectations of the Hilliard Way and truly make a difference in our district. If you know a staff member that goes above and beyond their way to make a difference, you can nominate them for next month’s award by clicking HERE!

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