Recipients of the Embrace Empower & Inspire Award

Recipients of the Embrace Empower & Inspire Award

Congratulations to these Embrace, Empower & Inspire Award winners, Angela Davoll (Band Teacher at Weaver Middle School) and Mark Huston (Custodian).

“Mrs. Davoll is an amazing and caring educator. She makes ALL students feel welcome and loved in her class. She recently had the insight and bravery to help her students prepare an entire band performance focused on her student’s understanding of and experience with mental health. She masterfully facilitated a chance for her students to express their feelings and emotions through powerful words and music. Mrs. Davoll’s commitment to teaching the whole child is unrelenting and most likely life-saving.”

Mark entered our building to help fill a temporary leave. Our building just expanded, some of the teachers were just finding out where they would be located and there was Mark. He came in not just “filling in” a routine but helping us all find our new routine. Anytime we have a question or a need, Mark is there to help! One day our wagon lost a wheel on the way out to recess and I asked if it could be fixed sometime tomorrow. Nope, it was fixed before we returned from recess waiting for us. He knew we needed it for a little one with mobility issues and my class was at the end of the hall so a long walk for her little legs. This is only one example of so many and not just from myself and the classroom team, this goes for the whole school. He goes out of his way to help and allow us to teach our students. His attitude and smile are so contagious as he greets our little ones walking down the hall and encourages them with a variety of tasks. I hope he knows how much he made such a difference in the staff and the students here at the preschool while he “filled in.” Thank you, Mark!

These staff members go above and beyond the expectations of the Hilliard Way and truly make a difference in our district. If you know a staff member that goes above and beyond their way to make a difference, you can nominate them for next month’s award by clicking HERE!


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