Hilliard City Schools is on a path to revolutionize education. It is a relentless pursuit to personalize education for each student as they pursue their individual interests in their future. We are driven by our firm commitment to embrace productive discomfort, to empower each person in our organization to be bold in their thinking and inspire all to push their edges so that the once impossible is attainable for our students.

Our goal is simple: We will support the development of students who are inspired to make a difference every day as they pursue excellence in all they do.

Ultimately, this Path and our future will be created by collectively inspiring our team to do more, be more, give more, care more, think more and create more to ensure our students are Ready For Tomorrow.


The foundational knowledge we require all our students to be skilled in. The traditional focus of schools and our elite teachers as they prepare our students.


Connecting learning to life. We align students’ strengths to their path after high school. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for students to discover their own potential.


Our passion for growth leads to an understanding that change and improvement are a part of life. We foster student self-awareness to guide students to an understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses.

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