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Our Mission Statement is simple:

We will ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow.


Our Academic commitment this year is to have our instructional staff design and implement personalized learning experiences and interventions to allow students to maximize their learning. We will continue with the implementation and support of blended learning using a variety of technology tools to build a deeper understanding of the curriculum. We will provide students with compelling learning experiences that ignite curiosity and develop a passion. Teachers and principals will live our Growth Mindset as we offer rigorous professional development on blended learning.Part of our commitment also strengthens intervention for all students to ensure targeted instruction from content experts. One example will be increasing the number of certified Orton Gillingham teachers. The district will expand a database for grades 6-12 evidence-based math and reading interventions.


This year our instructional staff will design and implement learning experiences to encourage students to explore and discover their individual interests. To prepare students for the jobs of the future, we must teach them to be lifelong learners and to be creative problem solvers. We will increase student engagement through innovative programming and lesson design, which builds on student interests. We will ensure programming is aligned to student interests by the number of elective courses offered as documented through Naviance Surveys. This will include an expansion of participation in STEAM-related elective courses by at least 5%. To reach student interests, we will deepen community partnerships and mentorship opportunities by 5%. We are implementing a new BE2TA course at our Innovation Campus and offering a Girls Tech Day through community partnerships.


A growth mindset is essential to getting our students Ready for Tomorrow. Our commitment this year is for our staff to create and foster a culture that embraces the whole child and enhances student well-being. Our classrooms will nurture a sense of belonging as a daily practice. We will close the gender gap in a sense of belonging in all grades. One example of this is through the ROX program, which will create a generation of confident girls, who control their own futures.We will increase mental health awareness and prevention efforts by providing professional development to all staff on trauma-informed care while expanding peer support groups and programming, including Hope Squad.

Next X

The district lives the Mission Statement, to prepare every student to be Ready for Tomorrow, through purposeful actions and in classrooms. Hilliard is preparing the next generation of American citizens to prosper and thrive at different times – in a world that will demand different skills and competencies. The district’s 2020 Plan set the course for the Hilliard City School District from 2010 to 2020. This year we are unveiling our Next X Initiative, a strategic vision to guide our journey from 2020 to 2030. We will provide clarity of purpose and accountability for results. This document will not create the elite education experiences desired for the students – it is the implementation of this vision that will continue to set Hilliard apart from other districts. The Hilliard Way starts and ends with the talented, committed people in the district.The Hilliard School District has an unparalleled commitment to the implementation of technology as a tool in the instructional practice. Furthermore, new skills and practices will naturally be required during the implementation of this Next X Strategic Vision. With that said, the district also understands that there are specific non-negotiable, timeless foundational skills that are fundamental to a Hilliard Education. Among these are reading, math fluency, self-regulation, understanding of historical documents, memorization, and study habits.


We understand there is a high burden placed on residential property owners to fund our schools. Our Treasurer’s commitment to our taxpayers is to operate in a fiscally responsible manner while increasing efficiencies. We will ensure that financial information is provided to district administrators so that this information is included in the decision process for the potential implementation of new projects. The department will use financial benchmarking data to analyze the effectiveness of all functions in the district. As further investigation points out areas where the opportunity exists for increased efficiencies, we will work with administrators to see where changes can be made.A top financial commitment is to inform our community of the fiscal status of our district. We will share articles in district newsletters, blogs, and media partners. The Treasurer’s department will also continue the preparation of the annual Budget Document, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and the Popular Annual Financial Report.Hilliard City Schools continues to provide a good value to the taxpayer. Active fiscal management, along with innovative practices, has allowed the district to stretch the 2016 levy cycle as long as possible. We anticipate being on the ballot in November of 2020.


Over the past year, we have partnered with Cooperative Strategies to conduct an extensive facility assessment on each building throughout the district. This work will lead to the launch of a Master Facility Plan. We will incorporate four critical components; demographics, educational vision, facility condition, and financial data. Hilliard City Schools has become known as a destination district for families by focusing on continuous improvement and adapting to growing shifts in education. To remain competitive, the district can no longer ignore the growing needs of our oldest facilities. Our enrollment has increased by more than 700 students in the last five years, and we expect an additional 400 new students in the next five years.The Master Facility Plan committee will be comprised of our operations team, teachers, parents, and community members. This process will include open community meetings, steering committees, focus groups, and ongoing updates at Board of Education meetings. As options are developed, we will provide opportunities for the community to provide feedback.Although our schools have been well maintained, we must assess whether the costs associated with repairing facilities and mechanical systems are no longer a prudent investment of taxpayer dollars. This plan will help us identify which buildings to keep, renovate, replace, or repurpose and in what order with the associated costs as we continue to plan our future capital needs.

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