NEXTThe district lives the Mission Statement, to prepare every student to be Ready for Tomorrow, through purposeful actions and in classrooms. Hilliard is preparing the next generation of American citizens to prosper and thrive at different times – in a world that will demand different skills and competencies. The district’s 2020 Plan set the course for the Hilliard City School District from 2010 to 2020. This year we are unveiling our Next X Initiative, a strategic vision to guide our journey from 2020 to 2030. We will provide clarity of purpose and accountability for results. This document will not create the elite education experiences desired for the students – it is the implementation of this vision that will continue to set Hilliard apart from other districts. The Hilliard Way starts and ends with the talented, committed people in the district.

NEXTThe Hilliard School District has an unparalleled commitment to the implementation of technology as a tool in the instructional practice. Furthermore, new skills and practices will naturally be required during the implementation of this Next X Strategic Vision. With that said, the district also understands that there are specific non-negotiable, timeless foundational skills that are fundamental to a Hilliard Education. Among these are reading, math fluency, self-regulation, understanding of historical documents, memorization, and study habits.

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