Hilliard Highlight – What Running and Sled Hockey Can Teach Students

Hilliard Highlight – What Running and Sled Hockey Can Teach Students

What Running and Sled Hockey Can Teach Students

Heather Tucker, an intervention specialist at Hoffman Trails Elementary, is only in her second year with Hilliard City Schools but loves seeing her students blossom and overcome challenges over the course of the school year. 

Her philosophy and lifelong goal is to be the best version of herself she can be, so her students could have no better role model when it comes to striving for continuous improvement. She views physical ability as one aspect of being at her best. About seven years ago, she took action by becoming a runner. She’s since run three marathons and approximately 60 5Ks.

“I wasn’t much into sports when I was younger, but running works for me because it allows me to go at my own pace,” she said. 

Running also provides her with new experiences. She said there are always fun things to do and see and new people to meet along her race routes. 

She also plays sled hockey through Ohio Sled Hockey, which is sponsored by the Columbus Blue Jackets. She enjoys trying new activities that keep her busy year-round, so gave the sport a try at the recommendation of a friend a few years ago. 

“I talk to my students about my hobbies and encourage them to keep an open mind when they are thinking about trying a new after-school activity or trying out for a play,” said Tucker. “I also teach them that it’s ok if things don’t go the way you think they will, like when I don’t run a time I’m happy with in a race. I tell them they must remain flexible, give themselves grace, and always look to the future.”

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