Hilliard Highlight – Heather Allen

Hilliard Highlight – Heather Allen

Bridging Art and Mindfulness

Heather Allen has been an art teacher for the past 13 years, the last six of which have been with Hilliard City Schools. According to Ms. Allen, the best part of her job is sparking curiosity in her students.

“Most students won’t grow up to be artists, but art is in everything we do and see, from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive to the furniture we sit on,” she said. “I enjoy being able to help them discover art and see that their creativity can be applied no matter the field they go into.”

Her favorite project to start the year with is contour drawing. This requires students to do a blind drawing, which puts everyone on a level playing field in terms of their artistic ability. She said most sixth graders are very self-conscious about entering a new school and starting new routines.

She said, “These projects aren’t supposed to look good. It increases their belief in themselves and I love being able to support that creation process.”

Another fun practice she’s incorporated into her classroom: mindful meditation Fridays. She began encouraging her students to be more mindful after the pandemic, which she recalls as a time of looking within ourselves. 

“I want the art room to be a safe space where students can be themselves and not worry about what happened earlier in the day or about what someone may have said to them,” said Ms. Allen. 

She has found that it really calms students and that they often approach her on Friday mornings telling her they can’t wait until art class and mindful meditation time.

Ms. Allen feels fortunate to work in a community like Hilliard. She said no matter where she goes, she runs into students or parents and they are all amazing people. Additionally, she feels supported by her co-workers and administrators. 

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