First Graders Tie in Robotics with Reading

First Graders Tie in Robotics with Reading

The first-graders at Washington Elementary teamed up with Kelly Riley, our Innovation & Discovery Specialist, to create a unique literacy/technology project that focused on the book Our Favorite Day of the Year. The first-graders have been studying a variety of holidays and special events that are celebrated throughout the year. In the book students learn about each other’s favorite day of the year. After students share their favorite family traditions and holidays, the children recognize the similarities and differences and how that can bring them together!
Their project was based on each student’s “Favorite Day of the Year.”

Each first-grader chose a favorite day of the year and wrote 3-5 things that make their favorite day special to them. Students made an artifact (built something or labeled or illustrated a piece of paper) that represented each special thing about their favorite day. The first-graders used Tale-Bots to code a path to each of those special things on the Tale-Bot mat.


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