If you experience technical issues, please complete a Help Ticket. Our team will get back with you as quickly as possible. For instructional matters, reach out to our teachers directly. Please be patient and kind as we develop these new norms. Not only are our amazing teachers working to create and provide new eLearning activities, but many are also Moms and Dads.

All students now have access to their school-issued iPad. Canvas, our Learning Management System, will be our primary delivery method for eLearning. It will be the place our students receive lessons, activities, and assignments. If you are new to Canvas we have a ‘How to Use’ course online.

Attendance will be taken each day. The classroom teacher will be interacting with your students on a daily basis through Canvas. When a student submits course assignments and/or completes learning activities, teachers will be able to monitor student participation and eLearning attendance. If your student is sick or unable to complete eLearning activities you will need to report the student absent on SchoolMessenger.

How to check your child’s Attendance

Our teachers have posted office hours on their Canvas contact page, so parents and students can ask questions and get information moving forward.

We have connectivity for students without WiFi in their homes. We are pushing WiFi into the parking lots of all our schools so that families can park near the schools to download assignments and upload completed activities. The city of Hilliard is also opening WiFi to the community. Students and other residents are invited to access the city’s public WiFi network, “Hilliard Public.”

The district has enabled internet filtering on all student iPads in grades K-5. This filter is sometimes heavy-handed so if it blocks an educational site that the student needs to do school work, please let your teacher know and we can add it to an approved list. No filtering is perfect or a 100% guarantee. Parents are still asked to monitor their students when they are on their district device at home on your personal WiFi network.

eLearning Tech Support

If you have a question about course work, please communicate directly with your classroom teacher. If you or your student’s device is broken, or you need other tech support, please complete this form. An HCSD staff member will follow up as soon as possible.

K-12 Tech Support Form

Resources & Links

District Building WiFi Map

(Zoom-in to your building to view the approximate WiFi signal reach highlighted in blue. Also, the City of Hilliard is offering WiFi access points highlighted in red.)