Partnership Rules of Engagement

  • Partners have shared goals that ultimately increase student achievement
  • Each individual organization’s goals are met through a partnership
  • Partners respect each other’s values, goals, and organizational cultures
  • Leadership is shared
  • Partners assume a shared sense of ownership in the collaborative program
  • Partnerships are creative
  • The organization and structure of partnerships are flexible
  • Strong partnerships survive setbacks
  • Engage multiple community sectors (business, parents, community organizations)
  • Partnerships are comprehensively concerned with education
  • Invest in the professional development of their personnel
  • Partner institutions learn and change
  • Evaluation and documentation help to achieve partnership goals
  • Create an infrastructure that supports community/school learning relations
  • Attract sustained funding
  • Require persistence and patience – These relationships take time to develop!
  • Be careful not to compromise your values, vision, and mission for a partnership!
  • Always be gracious and thoughtful of your partner’s efforts.  Encourage people in the school community to patronize the businesses that give you “freebies” and always thank them for their assistance.

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