Partnership Opportunities

Student Focused

  • Volunteer(s) in classrooms
  • Offer student rewards and/or incentives
  • Assist with translation for students who do not speak English
  • Offer an education program for students (e.g. banking, finance)
  • Serve as a professional mentorship site for high school students
  • Assist with summer activities (camps, summer school)
  • Facilitate company tours/field trips for groups of students
  • Support scholarships for students
  • Support athletic, music and/or theatre programs
  • Provide job skills training for students
  • Tutor or mentor a student(s)
  • Provide job shadowing experiences for students
  • Display student artwork
  • Serve as a judge for student contests (science, writing, etc.)
  • Offer classroom workshops/demonstrations on a particular skill or hobby
  • Provide space for district and school events
  • Assist with technology needs
  • Cash or in-kind support of an event/project
  • Purchase advertising in an event program

Building, Project or District Focused

  • Serve on a district-level committee (school finance, curriculum, bond/levy campaign, etc.)
  • Offer discounts for school-related purchases
  • Fundraising programs for schools, specific departments or PTOs
  • Adopt and support a specific school
  • Assist with community data collection and interpretation

Teacher or Staff Focused

  • Offer discounts or special promotions for school employees
  • Support teacher recognition programs
  • Sponsor and facilitate teacher externships

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