Juggling Teaching & Motherhood

Juggling Teaching & Motherhood

Brittany Sheedy has taught in Hilliard City Schools for 7 years, and, after teaching in multiple grade levels, she found that second grade was her sweet spot. Brittany is renowned at Horizon for checking in on others and genuinely caring about them. “I find that quick check-ins go a long way,” she says.

After giving birth to her daughter, many coworkers and friends checked in on her to see how she was doing, and this made her feel seen and cared for. After realizing how far these little inquiries go, she decided she would make a conscious effort to continue checking in with others.

Every morning before school, Brittany exercises so that when she gets off work, she can relax and have more time to herself. She particularly enjoys Peloton workouts because it is an intense, hard workout. She likes starting her day with these as it energizes her for the day ahead. She says, “Working out puts me in a better mood to start the day.”  Upon completion of work, Brittany cares for her now two-year-old daughter whom she loves to see grow and learn. Brittany said that having a child was the best thing ever to happen to her and that her daughter has positively shaped the way she teaches. She now has more empathy and understanding of her students and their families.

Brittany often reflects on her days in the classroom and thinks how she can create a bright, safe environment in which her students can grow, learn, and feel loved with no judgement. Part of how she can do this is by frequently practicing positivity. Positivity is engrained within her, so she can carry that with her into her classroom for her students. She wants her daughter to be able to experience all of this in her schooling, so she strives to create that same environment for other people’s beloved children.

Juggling being not only a full-time teacher, but also a new full-time mother is undoubtedly very challenging, but Brittany is doing it very well. We appreciate the hard work and extra miles Brittany goes for Hilliard.

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