Beacon’s 3rd Graders Mend Barriers for a Better Tomorrow

Beacon’s 3rd Graders Mend Barriers for a Better Tomorrow

Mrs. Ley’s 3rd-grade class at Beacon Elementary recently read an article in Scholastic News titled “Speaking Up for Our School,” which led to a conversation about how the students in the class can be change makers at Beacon. Students generated a list of 8-10 needs for change at Beacon, and one idea rose to the top. The students agreed that the fence surrounding our playground is not safe, and they would like to help make a change for our school community. The students also shared their idea with IDS, Kara Ripp, who has already done great things for change at Beacon and wanted her to partner with them in their mission. The group did research on their concern, did interviews with teachers in the school, and created a plan to improve the fence.  They then presented their work to Central Office Administrators, voicing their concerns and asking how they could partner with Beacon to be change-makers at their school. The students put a lot of hard work and time into their excellent presentation!

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