Amazon Web Services Spends Day At The Innovation Campus

Amazon Web Services Spends Day At The Innovation Campus

Leaders from the Amazon Web Services Inclusion and Outreach Global Team spent the day in Hilliard Schools at the Innovation Campus learning from our students and staff.

AWS InCommunities has helped build and support 17 AWS Think Big Spaces, where students can cultivate their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math outside of a classroom environment, within the Hilliard City Schools district. AWS has also collaborated with Hilliard City Schools on STEAM curriculum and events such as Girls Tech Day, AWS Tech Week, and Young STEM Initiative, as well as on professional development initiatives. AWS has also provided access to STEAM experts and members of AWS’ workforce for various STEM workshops, career conversations, and events.

As a part of our continued partnership, hosting the Inclusion and Outreach Global Team members was essential so their team could hear from our students and teachers directly.  They heard how the support from AWS impacts our students in all grades, from kindergarten to seniors, every day on their journey to be Ready for Tomorrow.

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