7th Graders Latham Park Field Trip Testing Water Quality

7th Graders Latham Park Field Trip Testing Water Quality

In early October, 300 7th graders had an opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon at Latham Park. These students from Memorial (Oct. 4), Heritage (Oct. 5), and Weaver (Oct. 6) Middle Schools rotated through three stations during the time that they were at the park. The first station was led by their science teachers; using chemical test strips, students tested phosphate and nitrate levels, as well as pH. Their results showed that the water quality of the pond was very good.

The second station was led by representatives from Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District; here students engaged with a Project Wet activity. Using objects such as rubber bands and beads to represent macro-invertebrates, students learned that you can tell a great deal about the quality of a body of water by looking at the organisms that live in it.

The third station was led by employees of the Department of Natural Resources and other teacher volunteers. This station provided time for the students to fish – many of whom had not fished before. Several students learned to bait their own hooks and release a fish once it was caught; nearly all students were able to catch a fish! For most students, this was the highlight of their day. Special thanks needs to be given to DNR who provided their expertise as well as the bait used over these 3 days. Additionally, the fishing poles were purchased with money from a Step-Outside grant awarded to Hilliard City Schools from DNR.

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