eLearning 2.0

Students will learn from home using our online learning management system called Canvas. This option would be implemented if a building or district must be closed. eLearning 2.0 is an updated, more robust learning experience.

Example Daily Schedule

k-5 Schedule

Elementary students would be assigned to A and B groups. The assigned group would have structured time in the morning or afternoon with additional time for specials and small group work.

Example 6-12 Schedule

Teachers will also have two additional hours of virtual meeting time.

Pack time within the scheduled lunch period.

Teachers will also have two additional hours of virtual meeting time.

example k-5 schedule

Teachers will have two additional hours of virtual meeting time.

eLearning vs. Online Academy


eLearning 2.0

Online Academy


Students stay with their assigned school, class, and classroom teacher when moving to eLearning

Students will have an assigned teacher and may be grouped with students from all over the district.


Elementary: Students will have a structured day (see chart bove)  and broken into A/B groups for class meeting times.


Secondary: Students will follow a schedule that allows for 25 minutes with each class period.  (see chart above)


Elementary:  Teachers will have scheduled opening and closing Zoom meetings each day and we believe it will be best practice for the students to attend. In addition, teachers will schedule small group and one-on-one Zoom sessions with students throughout the week.  Parents should plan for these to occur 3-4 times per week.

Middle School: Our teachers will work to create a sense of community with the students and may hold Zoom sessions as needed with large or small groups, but the courses will not be delivered as “live instruction” through Zoom.  Students are only required to take one elective course per semester.

High School:  Daily participation in all courses is expected but flexibility throughout each week will be available.  Students can work at their own pace daily and check in with their teachers during office hours or set appointment times.

Learning Mode

Students can return to the classroom with their peers and classroom teachers if the district returns to Hybrid or All-In

Students continue online learning no matter what instructional mode the district operates in.


The move to eLearning may last a few days or weeks


Students commit to the Academy for One Semester (secondary) / Half the Year (elementary)


Full schedule of courses are available

Limited courses are available at the secondary level

Start Date

August 24

August 24

School Supplies


View the Supply List

We are working to add information about school supplies to our Online Academy website.  Please check the district list for updated information next week.


Free/Reduced Lunch


Grab and go locations will be provided 

Parents will need to coordinate with Aramark, with the school’s help, to arrange for pick up.  The district will not be able to deliver.



Arrow Program

Students will learn online with their Arrow teachers

Not Available


Gifted Students

Students will continue gifted programming online

Students will participate in the grade-level curriculum and the online teacher will extend/accelerate when possible.  As in the building, online teachers will have access to each student’s Written Education Plan (WEP) in order to meet individual needs. Support for gifted students will align with our classroom practice where students are clustered, when possible.






Guiding Principles

National, state, and local health officials & leaders make health decisions

COVID-19 safety concerns take priority over educational issues

Equity and Access for all students

Mindful of finances and resources

Safety Precautions

  • Breakfast/Lunch grab and go at select buildings
  • Special education services may be adjusted
  • No athletic contests
  • No extra-curricular band/choir/orchestra performances
  • No field trips
  • No large group student events
  • SACC not provided
  • Attendance taken daily during Zoom/Teacher interactions

Adjust & Adapt

As a reminder, plans are “at this moment”, and we will continue to re-evaluate based on evolving conditions, data about the status of the pandemic, and recommendations and guidance from public health authorities and the scientific community.