2023 Summer Operations

2023 Summer Operations

Boy has the operations team been busy this summer.  Check out all the projects they have completed to make our schools safer, cleaner, and better to learn and play in!


  • Over 900 ceiling tiles changed
  • 810,000 sf floors waxed
  • 1,125 gallons of floor wax applied
  • 900,000 sf carpet extracted
  • Almost 700 classrooms deep cleaned and reset
  • 7,550 bulbs changed
  • Over 300 light ballasts changed


  • 1,800 cubic yards of playground mulch installed


  • New HVAC equipment installed
  • Numerous pump, motor and system teardowns and rebuilds
  • 16,000 sf of new carpet installed
  • Over  a half million sf of parking lots paved or seal coated (Hoffman Trails paving, JW Reason, Avery, MMS, Darby Creek, CO = sealcoating)
  • 35,000 sf of gym floors renovated and restored in all 3 High School gyms with new scoreboards
  • Installed a new HVAC Chiller (giant air conditioner) and Hilliard Darby
  • Renovated Hilliard Davidson visitors’ locker rooms and restrooms
  • New walk in freezer at Beacon Elem
  • Track resurface at Hilliard Darby


  • 23 summer school bus routes
  • 15 new busses purchased

Food service

  • 1,529 lunches and 762 breakfasts served


  • Moved over 100,000 new curriculum books
  • Recycled over 80,000 pounds of old books
  • Supported the Hilliard food pantry with space for the inbound and outbound deliveries of nearly 50 skids of items. Partnered with SWACO (Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio) to source almost 50 cardboard totes and nearly 350 boxes for the pantries use.


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