In November of 2023 the Hilliard City Schools Board of Education revised Policy IIAC which addresses, amongst other things, challenges to Media Center materials. The policy can be viewed in its entirety here:

Specific to challenged materials, the policy gives the Superintendent 2 options when a challenge is submitted:

  1.  Send the challenge to a committee for review
  2. Place the challenged material on a list that is available to the public for a period of 4 years

The specific language from the policy is as follows: The Superintendent will review and consider all complaints in a reasonable amount of time and will determine which complaints will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Superintendent/ designee consisting of an odd number of members to avoid a split vote. If a complaint is not referred to the committee, a record of the complaint will be maintained in a list on the District’s website for four (4) years following the date of the complaint.

The list below contains all media center materials that have been challenged, but were not sent to a committee for review. The list includes the title, author, date of the challenge, and the stated reason for the challenge. Any parent who wishes to prohibit their student from checking out any of the titles on this list (or any other titles) may do so by submitting this form: Parent/Guardian Book Selection Exemption Form

Please note that not every title is available in every Media Center.  If you want to see if a title is available at your child’s school, you can do so by searching our collection database here: link to Destiny Library Collection

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