Q. I do not have access to a computer.  How do I complete the registration?

A. For your convenience, we have computers available at our Welcome Center, which is located at 2140 Atlas Street, Columbus, 43228. We will be happy to assist you and can make copies of your documents while you are here. Please note, it can take approximately 30 minutes or more to complete the information for each student that you are enrolling.

Q. Can my child(ren) enroll in Hilliard City Schools even if I do not live within the district boundaries?

A. No, Hilliard City Schools does not allow open enrollment from another district.

Q. Do you accept tuition students?

A. No. The Hilliard City School District does not accept tuition students. The custodial parent must reside within the Hilliard School District in order to attend Hilliard City Schools.

Q. My student was previously enrolled and needs to re-enroll. What do I need to do?

A. Once a student has been withdrawn, you will need to re-enroll. Click on Add New Student in order to begin the enrollment process again. You will need to provide current residency documents if it has been 2 years or less since you left the district. If it has been longer, you will need to provide all of the required documents for registration.

Q. A student is attending Hilliard City Schools and does not reside in the district. How do I report that?

A. Contact the Welcome Center at (614) 921-7096 to report these incidents. We will make every attempt to keep your call anonymous.

Q. A student who is not my biological child is coming to live with me. His/her custodial parent resides elsewhere. Can I enroll this child in Hilliard City Schools?

A. No. You would need to obtain custody/guardianship of the child and, as required by State law, proof of custody must be provided at the time of enrollment.

Q. I am the biological father of a child and want to enroll him/her in school but the biological mother and I were never married. What do I need to do?

A. In the State of Ohio, when parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth, the mother is designated the sole residential parent and legal custodian. A father must establish paternity and initiate a custody action in the courts to obtain custody for purposes of enrollment. [O.R.C. 3109.04.3] Please contact the Franklin County Clerk of Courts, 373 S. High St. 4th Floor, at 614-525-4411.

Q. I have a motion for custody. Can I enroll my child in this motion?

A. Yes, IF the motion is court-filed, stamped, and has a future hearing date, typically within 60 days, and the parent completes the Custody Affidavit. The district may enroll a child without tuition obligation for a period not to exceed 60 days, however, it is better to wait for the custody hearing to be final before enrolling.

Q.I have a court order/judgment entry giving me custody of a child. However, it is not signed by a judge. Is this acceptable?

A. No. We need a court-stamped order signed by a judge/magistrate in order to be acceptable.

Q. A relative/friend gave me a notarized letter giving me custody of her child. Is that acceptable as proof of custody?

A. No. We cannot accept notarized statements. You must have a court order.

Q. I filed for custody, what are my next steps for enrollment?

A. In addition to completing the online registration, please provide your entire court-stamped paperwork and complete a Custody Affidavit.

Q. My ex and I have shared parenting. We live in two different school districts. Can my student attend either district?

A. That depends on the Shared Parenting Plan or joint custody agreement. The child is only entitled to attend school in the district of the residential parent.

Q. I am divorced and the children live with me. I am the sole custodial parent. I do not want the non-custodial parent to have access to their records. Is this acceptable?

A. No. According to the law, a non-custodial parent has the same rights to access student records as a custodial parent. The only exception to this is if you have a protection order or restraining order which would not allow access by the other parent. If you have such an order and wish for us to honor your requests, the school MUST have a copy of the order. Otherwise, we cannot deny the non-custodial parent rights to access a student’s records.

Q. My child is attending Hilliard City Schools. Due to financial hardships, we lost our home and are currently living on the street or in a shelter. Whom do I contact for information regarding my situation?

A. Contact Christina Parkey at (614) 921-7004 or Christina_parkey@hboe.org for more information and assistance.

Q. My child has been expelled from another school district. If we moved to the Hilliard School District, would my child be able to attend school?

A. No. Hilliard City Schools honors all suspensions and expulsions from other school districts.

Q. My child has been expelled from Hilliard City School. Can we transfer to another Hilliard City School?

A. No. Once a student is expelled from a Hilliard City School, the expulsion applies to the entire district. Once the expulsion is served, the student must be re-enrolled at the Welcome Center.

Q. I am currently living with a friend/relative and do not have proof of residency. How do I enroll my student?

A. If you are currently residing with someone in the Hilliard City School District, please complete the Affidavit for Shared Residency forms, Affidavit For Shared Residence Part 1 for Parent/Guardian, and Affidavit For Shared Residency Part 2 for the Homeowner/Lease Holder and provide the required supporting documents. If you have any questions, contact the Welcome Center at 614-921-7096.

Q. How do I know if I need to provide tuberculosis (TB) test results for my children?

A. Hilliard City Schools requires any student born outside of the United States or any student who has spent one month (32 days) or more in a country with a high risk of TB to have a tuberculin screening. Enrollment for new students may be deferred until documentation of a negative TB screening is received by the registration compliance officer. Re-entry for students who have traveled outside the United States for more than one month (32 days) may be deferred until such documentation is received by school personnel.

Q. I just moved into my new residence and do not have a second proof of residency. Can I enroll my student?

A. Yes, we understand you may not yet have a utility bill when you first move into the district. Please provide the rental agreement or closing/ALTA Settlement Statement. Once you receive your first utility bill please email it to welcomecenter@hboe.org and in the subject line put your student’s name and  “First Utility Bill”.

Q. I currently live outside of the district but am in the process of building/buying a home in the district. Can I enroll my child to begin school now?

A. Per Ohio Revised Code 3313.64(F) A parent may enroll their child into a school district tuition free while waiting for the completion of a newly built home in the district or waiting to close on a home they have in contract to purchase. Tuition-free attendance will not exceed 90 calendar days. A parent who decides to enroll their child into Hilliard Schools in this situation must complete a tuition agreement and provide a check equal to 60 days of tuition. Tuition Agreement.

Q. I currently live out of the district and have a rental agreement that will begin at a later date. Can I enroll my child to begin school now?

A. No. Once the term of your lease begins and you are physically living in our district, your child will be able to begin school in our district.

Q. My child currently attends a school in the district but we are moving to another attendance area within the District. Can my child remain at their current school?

A. Parent/Guardian(s) can fill out an intra-district student transfer request form. Students are assigned to the school/special education/EL program serving their designated attendance area. Only emergency or hardship transfers will be considered. Transportation is not provided for transfer students. If you have questions, contact the Welcome Center at 614-921-7096.

Q. I am interested in educating my student at home. Who should I contact?

A. Answers to your home education questions can be found here.


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