Design Thinking Project Solving Real-World Problems with Amputees

Design Thinking Project Solving Real-World Problems with Amputees

Mrs. Gillespie’s Honors ELA students are working on a Design Thinking Project to solve real-world challenges that amputees may encounter. Students started this project by reading the novel The Running Dream, which is about a high school track star who tragically loses her leg in a bus accident. Throughout the novel, the class learned how the runner overcame obstacles both physically and mentally.

To add real-world experiences, the class had the opportunity to hear from Bradley student Gigi Humeidan and ILC teacher Katie Bondy, who are both recent amputees, along with Jen Swift, an OSU physical therapist. Deputy Superintendent Mike McDonough rounded out our guest speakers by giving students a glimpse into what life is like after being an amputee for several years.

Students then chose specific hurdles to solve that the speakers deal with daily. They then researched their challenges to become more knowledgeable and started ideating and prototyping. Once they have a completed prototype, the students will have the opportunity to share their challenges and subsequent solutions with the school.

The class’s biggest takeaway was to see how all three of these people continue to have such a positive mindset even after new and unexpected setbacks.

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