Gifted Identification

Ohio Gifted Definition
Children in grades kindergarten through 12th may be identified as gifted in Ohio when they perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment in comparison with other children of the same age, experience, and environment, as described in the Ohio Revised Code 3324.03 and in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15. A gifted child may exhibit one or more of these abilities: superior cognitive ability; specific academic ability in mathematics, reading, writing, or a combination of those skills, science, and/or social studies; creative thinking ability; and/or visual or performing arts ability.

Data Review Process
When district-wide ability and/or achievement testing is completed at any grade level, results are reviewed by the Gifted Services office to determine if students meet criteria for gifted identification, or if they meet criteria for screening and additional assessment. A list of assessment instruments and scores used for screening and identification may be found electronically at the Gifted Services website.

Children may be referred to the Gifted Services office by teachers, parents, by child self-referral, or by others with knowledge of the child’s abilities.

Referral Process
Referral forms, which include a list of characteristics often found among gifted students, are available in school offices and electronically at the Gifted Services website. Anyone completing a referral may request a consultation with Gifted Services staff to discuss the child’s profile of abilities and characteristics. Referrals are processed through Gifted Services Case Review to determine whether an individual assessment is required and whether tests must be administered in a language other than English in order to fairly determine a child’s eligibility for gifted identification.

The District provides multiple testing opportunities per year to identify gifted students. Trained professionals conduct the testing. Parent permission is obtained prior to testing. Tests used by the district are appropriate (valid) for use in gifted identification.

The data review and referral processes are designed to ensure equal access to screening and further assessment by all district children, including culturally or linguistically diverse children, children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, children with disabilities, and children for whom English is a second language. The testing process also ensures accurate measurement of the ability and achievement of students with physical and/or sensory impairments.

Transfer Students and Out-of-District Testing 
For gifted children transferring into the district, if additional testing is required to determine the student’s eligibility for services, it will be conducted as soon as possible, but at least within 90 days of the transfer.

The district accepts test scores provided by other school districts and/or by trained personnel outside the district, such as licensed psychologists and school psychologists. Tests must be those approved for use in the identification of gifted students by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). A list of tests approved by ODE for use in gifted identification is available from the Gifted Services office and on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Parent Notification
Parents are notified via U.S. mail of test results and of their child’s eligibility for gifted identification and services. The child’s school is also notified and a record of gifted identification is placed in the child’s cumulative file.

Appeal Process
If there is a disagreement about test results, student identification, and/or eligibility for services, parents may request a case review conference with the school principal and/or the Coordinator of Gifted Services. If issues remain, parents may make a written request that the Superintendent conduct an administrative review of the case.

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