Three Secrets for Developing your Personal Brand

Cole Powers is a student at Hilliard Davidson High School. He has an online blog he started as part of an internship last year. He reached out to Superintendent John Marschhausen for input and advice. After reading this blog, Dr. Marschhausen thought it would be nice to post Cole’s blog as a guest columnist in this week’s Get Connected Blog.

Entrepreneurs across the world work tirelessly day and night to develop a positive brand image for their company; however what most people don’t know is that each and every one of us has our own personal brand. According to Wikipedia, personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. You can maximize the success of your personal brand by Read More

Convocation 2015 Honored Teachers

Each year during our Convocation Celebration three students, who have graduated from Hilliard City Schools, return to honor three of our staff members. Each recognition is meant to show all our teachers and staff how important each one is in preparing our students to be Ready for Tomorrow. Here is shortened video of this year’s honors.

Doing Business Better – It’s the Hilliard Way

As we start the new school year our passion for growth, our commitment to excellence, is on display. Too often we hear about new programs, compare ourselves to successful programs in other places, or simply talk about the changes we’d like to see in our schools. It is very easy to talk the talk; it is much more challenging to actually walk the walk. It is easy to see the value in progress; it is much more difficult to change behavior . . . to create the experiences.

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Twitter Day 1 Challenge – #HCSD1

We are so excited to welcome students back to the Hilliard City Schools. Part of the excitement of the start of school is capturing those first day pictures and friend reunions! Let’s work together to share and tweet all the excitement of the first day of school – Day 1.

Use #HCSD1 to tweet our students, teachers, drivers and parents as we experience the first day of school. Last year we were able to get #HCSD1 trending across the city! We hope to be able to share in your first day excitement after all, it’s the Hilliard Way!