First Time Riders Open House

Students and parents are invited to join the Hilliard City Schools Transportation Services Department for a First Time Riders Open House. This fun-filled event will allow students who are new to riding a school bus to:

  • explore a school bus up close;
  • learn about bus safety;
  • take a ride;
  • meet “Buster the Bus”; and,
  • capture that first bus ride moment on camera!

Stop by anytime from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 9 at Hilliard Heritage Middle School, 5970 Scioto Darby Road in Hilliard.

Dare to Dream of Change

We must recognize differences as we assess students – there is no single test to measure every student’s mastery. How we provide instruction, inspire creativity, embrace diversity and empower greatness must be personalized . . . education can’t take place on an assembly line. We are not preparing students for the industrial age; we are cultivating students to be problem solvers, creative thinkers and inspired leaders. Read More

Complexities of Measuring Effectiveness

“Why are there so many different measurers reported for the third grade reading test?

“Why do the Ohio Department of Education and the district report different percentages? Are you trying to hide something?”

“What are the real OAA results?”

These are all quotes that have been sent in my direction – either in person or on social media – from community members about the reporting of third grade reading assessments. These questions provide a great opportunity for conversations – meaningful, honest communications about accountability. Read More

English Language Enrichment Program

Every summer the Hilliard City Schools offer beginning and intermediate English language learners a summer enrichment program. This year there are almost 200 students participating. The curriculum is based on Ohio’s English Language Proficiency Standards. J.W. Reason Teacher Eric Gulley is the summer coordinator. He and the staff put together this video to show a little more about the summer program.

Throwback Thursday…Advice for the Class of 2027!

Following on the heels of Facebook we are posting some throwback Thursday spotlights this summer. Here is a good one filled with lots of great words of wisdom for the little ones in our district!

It’s hard to believe the little ones who will enter kindergarten this fall are part of the graduating class of 2027. Those first days of school bring back so many memories. We asked the J.W. Reason Elementary kindergarten students for some advice. Even before the youngest students walk through our doors they are preparing to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Teacher Tuesdays at the Library

Alton Darby Elementary is holding Teacher Tuesdays at the Hilliard Library. Each Tuesday, from 11:00 a.m. until noon, teachers will be hanging out in the children’s section to connect with our students. Reading and learning to read are problem solving processes that require year round work. These teachers know that inspiring a love for reading is important and they are willing to give up some of their summer to embrace these young readers. You are encouraged to stop by, grab a good book and start reading! Here is the schedule for the rest of the summer. Read More

What’s He Thinking when Buying Eggs?

Just last week I was standing at the grocery, buying eggs, and checking to make sure none of the eggs were broken. While concluding I did in fact have a dozen eggs ready for consumption, a very nice community member, the father of a student in our district, introduced himself to me. We had a pleasant conversation about my first year as superintendent. Towards the end of the conversation he asked, “What would you like to see for next year?” I, of course, entered into a recitation of our district goals. He politely interrupted and said, “I’m not looking for the company line – what areas do you think need to improve?” Read More