Author Visit

How did a boy from Washington, DC, who didn’t read a book until he was 17, become a multiple award winning author and poet for middle grade students and young adults? Because of a few revelations:

  1. The discovery that Queen Latifah’s rap lyrics were poetry;
  2. Because a high school English teacher gave him a copy of Black Boy by Richard Wright;
  3. And because a college English professor told him he’d never be successful as a writer.

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Ready for Tomorrow – Interests

Our Mission Statement says we “will ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow.” All too often mission statements are just words on a plaque or papers in a file. In Hilliard, we live our mission statement every day. Our commitment to active Read More

Weather Closing and Delay Notifications

This year we will again be using School Messenger to CALL all parents and guardians in our District to notify them of weather delays or cancelations. It’s imperative that your phone number is correct in Home Access. The calls will go to PRIMARY numbers only, so be sure you have the number you want weather calls to go to listed as your primary number.

In order to test this system, we will do a test call this Friday, October 20 at 4pm. This test call will go to all parents and staff. It will also go to community members who are signed up on School Messenger.

If you do NOT get the call, please first check Home Access to be sure your contact information is correct. If you are not a guardian and still wish to get the call you can sign up here.

We will also still send an email, post on Twitter and Facebook, post on our building web pages and notify local media when we have weather delays or cancelations.

Partnership Cultivated with Parents of Dyslexic Students

In the Hilliard City School District we are true to our values. We’ve spent considerable time and effort identifying the core values, the expected behaviors, and the desired outcomes that make this a special place for students to learn, grow, and develop. For us, our mission and culture aren’t posters on our walls; our culture is in our DNA. The fabric of our district is woven by the way we do business – by the way we live our lives. This starts with the district leadership. We model our values. We Stand Up and Own It, embrace the Power of the Team, and live with a Passion for Growth. Read More

What is Dyslexia?

Hilliard City Schools is devoted to ensuring all students are prepared for tomorrow by providing a comprehensive literacy program, which includes identifying students who may have a learning disability in reading. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that the district works in partnership with experts in the field, parents, and teachers in early identification, intervention support, and researched-based programming that support the individual needs of students. Read More

Hilliard Education Foundation Grant Helps Bring Artist to Heritage

Environmental activist and artist John Sabraw spent time at Heritage Middle School this month, in part through funding from the Hilliard Education Foundation. Mr. Sabraw did an art project and chemistry lesson. You can learn more about his project in this YouTube video.

The in class lesson was just one part of his visit. The second part will take place later in the semester when students create their own ceramic plants and flowers to incorporate into the Heritage “global garden.” A project connecting students from all across the globe. Read More