STAR Testing Remotely Information for Parents

What are STAR Assessments?
STAR Assessments allow our teachers to…

  • Gather information on what your student knows and is ready to learn
  • Helps inform their instruction
  • Allows them to meet your student’s individual needs

It’s important that STAR Assessments reflect what students know and are able to do. Students cannot pass or fail these assessments and they do not receive a grade for these assessments. They just help inform teachers!

How do STAR Assessments work?
STAR Assessments are computer adaptive. This means that the questions change based on students’ answers. When they get a question correct, the system gives them a more difficult question next. When they get a question wrong, the next question is less difficult. Students will miss almost half of the questions for the system to know the student’s skill level. So students will see topics they haven’t before, or other questions they can’t answer. That is to be expected. Just remind them not to get frustrated, just try their best, pick the best answer, and move on!
Once students start testing, the best help is no help!

Preparing for Test Day
Students will need: 

  • A good night’s rest 
  • A good breakfast 
  • A quiet spot away from distractions 
  • To use the restroom prior to testing 
  • Have scrap paper & pencil available 

Got headphones?
Students will need audio if taking the Early Literacy test. Audio is also available for all students taking the math test if they choose.
Students will need to have their sound up or use headphones for these assessments!

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