Credit Flexibility Program

In compliance with Senate Bill 311, the Hilliard City School District will offer students the opportunity to earn high school credit(s) through a credit flexibility program. “Credit flex” shifts the focus from evaluating student learning based on “seat time” to assess students’ demonstrated academic and skill level or performance.

With “Credit Flex,” students will have options to show what they know, earn credit(s), and move on to higher-order content. Students can choose to customize aspects of their learning around their interests and needs, which might include flexible schedules and a choice of modalities (e.g., online learning and community-based projects), as well as options to pursue niche interest areas and combine subjects.

Students interested in learning more about credit flexibility options should contact their guidance counselor for details. It is important to note that there are specific guidelines and timelines that have been established and must be followed in order to be considered for participation in the Hilliard City Schools’ credit flexibility program. Students choosing to pursue credit through credit flexibility should review these guidelines carefully.

All students participating in credit flexibility for physical education will still be required to meet with an instructor at the Innovation Campus to complete the (12) required state assessments.

Course Proficiency Assessments and Study Guides are created on an as-needed basis based on the completion of the Credit Flexibility Application – Course Proficiency. Once a Course Proficiency has been submitted to the guidance office, the study guide for the course will be created and posted 30 days prior to the assessment time period (December, June, or August). Therefore, if a course is not represented on this page, it is because an application for such a course has not been completed to date.

In general, the following criteria must be met to learn 0.5 credits through Educational Options

  • A minimum of 120 hours will be documented with the approved mentor to earn the amount of 0.5 credit approved

  • Credit Flex Educational Options have been approved with the following expectations:

    • a) The qualifications of the project mentor who must be an expert in the content area for proposed work (i.e. a license, certification, and/or degree is required in the field of study)
    • b) Name of the organization/business where the learning experience will take place(i.e. Ballet Met, YMCA of Central Ohio, Explore, personal trainer’s facility )
    • c) A portfolio will be developed to include, but not limited to:
      • i) goals expected to be achieved during the learning experience including:
        • (1) Outline of specific steps to achieve the goal
        • (2) Chart obstacles for achieving the goal
        • (3) Time frame
        • (4) Daily training logs documenting the progress of goals
      • ii) details/description of plans (could be stated in goal setting criteria)
      • iii) a log maintaining practice, rehearsal, and/or competition hours
        iv) testing data (i.e. heart rate, BMI, flexibility)
        v) description of nutritional habits prior to beginning the program and the conclusion of the program
    • d) A weekly journal documenting:
      • i) learning as it pertains to mastery of physical education standards
      • ii) learning experiences through the program (changes you are noticing, new terminology used, new techniques, challenges facing in completing the program, competition results)
    • e) A reflective essay about the experience or
    • f) Mini research papers pertaining to:
      • i) specific techniques used
      • ii) why they are used
      • iii) why are they valid
      • iv) what results do they produce
    • g) Copies of competition tests/assessments (if applicable)
    • h) A video of the student’s final performance to be presented to the District Credit Flexibility Committee or
    • i) A brief presentation (approx. 10-15 min.) about the learning experience, review of portfolio, and be prepared to answer questions with the District Credit Flexibility Committee at the conclusion of the learning experience. (Your mentor is requested to be at this presentation.)

Sample Titles of Approved Educational Options Credit Flex Projects:

  • BalletMet
  • Dance Arts Academy
  • Personal Training
  • Equestrian Training
  • Exploring