Gifted Staff


Herb Higginbotham, Director of Elementary Education
John Bandow, Director of High School Curriculum and College Partnerships
Samantha Althouse, Director of Middle-Level Curriculum
Jennifer Lowery, Coordinator of Gifted Services

Gifted Intervention Specialists

School Gifted Intervention Specialists
Alton Darby Barbara Kash
Avery Rachel Nelli
Beacon Barbara Kash
Britton Jessica Herron
Brown Christine Hernon
Darby Creek Barbara Kash
Hilliard Crossing Rachel Nelli
Hoffman Trails Lynne Helmer
Horizon Lynne Helmer
JW Reason Jessica Herron
Norwich Jessica Herron
Ridgewood Amy St Pierre
Scioto Darby Rachel Nelli
Washington Amy St. Pierre
Online Academy Christine Hernon
Arrow Program at Tharp Pam Kelly, Heather Lambright, Tom Smith, Gail Tanner