Crossing Outdoor Learning Space

Students at Crossing Elementary spent the year designing an outdoor learning space. They used google maps and pixie at the beginning of the year to create their dream space all while mastering mapping skills with the use of technology. They met with Michael Creath of Creath Landscape Design to discuss their ideas and he used their ideas to create the final plan using the allotted budget. They learned about setting a budget and sticking to it through collaboration with each other and the landscape experts. They gained an understanding of the life cycles of plants and animals that they might share the outdoor learning space with.

In designing the sitting space they learned about community standards and how to repurpose items such as an old wire spool and tree stumps. This space will provide resources for future matter and rock units as well.

Station Students Testing Egg Drop Vehicles

Students in the Team A STEM class have been studying Bernoulli’s Law which relates to drag and lift. To bring the lesson to life they created a project which could have real world implications. They decided to design a process for bringing medical supplies and aid to a boat stranded in the ocean. This type of project based learning allows the students to see how technology and design is used in engineering to solve every day problems.

Hilliard Education Foundation Grant Awards

The Hilliard Education Foundation is thrilled to announce three grant awards given out this spring totaling over $5,500. Congratulations to the following winning projects.

Beth Boza and Amanda Schaeffer from Heritage Middle School Art Department will create a permanent art installation in the courtyard of Heritage. The proposed installation would be comprised of student created tiles installed on the four pillars facing the inside of the courtyard. The tiles would be student designed and celebrate the four “C’s” of education, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Read More

The Tom Stahl Administrator’s Scholarship Awards

The Tom Stahl Administrator’s Scholarship Awards were started 14 years ago to give back to some of our Hilliard students that will become future educators. Funds are raised through an annual golf tournament as well as donations and sponsorships. Over the past 14 years the scholarships awarded to the three high schools is approaching $100,000. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate these future teachers. Read More

Carton 2 Garden Contest

The students in Mrs. Z’s class at Darby Creek Elementary are competing in the Carton 2 Garden Contest. This opportunity allows students to explore gardening from many sides. Students had to use a minimum of 100 milk cartons to plant seeds in order to begin the garden. They also had to create a piece of art using the cartons. Mrs. Z’s students chose to create an Autism Awareness Ribbon and a character from Minecraft. The hope is to win this national challenge, with a $2500 prize, in order to build a community garden at Darby Creek. View a video the class made to show their hard work.