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Hilliard Students Excel at Tolles

Tolles has announced that five of the top eight finalists for its annual Senior Interview Contest are Hilliard High Scholl students. The Senior Interview Contest is a school-wide event that takes place over the course of several weeks. Seniors from each career-technical program work on their skills with instructors and interview with business and industry professionals. Judges select one winner to represent all career-technical programs. The top eight finalists out of that pool advance to a final round of professional interviews with Superintendent Kim Wilson, as well as business leaders that include HR personnel, CEOs, and more. The top three will be announced during the December 15, 2016 Board of Education meeting. The top Hilliard finalists include: Read More

Hilliard Crossing Family Traditions

The first grade students in Mrs. Newton’s class at Crossing have been sharing their holiday traditions. They write about what their families do at the holidays and then decorate a stocking and share with the class. It is an amazing opportunity for children to learn about other families and cultures. They get to see similarities and differences with their classmates. In Hilliard, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Mrs. Newton has done this lesson with students for the past 20 years, and she has learned some new traditions along the way that she has shared with her own family.

Darby Administrators Recognized

Darby High School Principal Joyce Brickley and Athletic Director Chris Ludban have been recognized by Nationwide Children’s Hospital as their “Friends of the Poison Center.” According to a hospital spokesperson the Children’s Hospital Doctors were “impressed and grateful” that the two stayed with a patient until she was stabilized and until her family arrived.

While we know this is something all of our administrators would do to keep our students safe and cared for, we are proud that Nationwide Children’s took the time to recognize Ms. Brickley and Mr. Ludban.

Academy Vibe Student Produces Video for YMCA

Sophomore David Pease had the opportunity to work with the Hilliard YMCA on a project this fall. The YMCA needed a video to promote their Livestrong Cancer Program, where people with cancer come to find support, workout, and gain physical and emotional strength. David worked with Suzanne Glover, Program Manager, and Evan Garver, Communications Director to plan, script, shoot, and edit this awesome video that helped illustrate the story of the program and people who are finding healing by participating in it. David had several meetings with them, and conducted several shoots with the help of some of his classmates Scott Saylor and Caleb Hodges, both Academy Vibe II students as well. Giving students the opportunity to produce real projects for real world clients prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow. The YMCA was very happy with the results of the video and David learned a lot about this documentary-style of film-making.

Tharp Students Put Plants Under the Microscope

In 6th grade Science the students learn about the effects of osmosis on plant cells under the microscope. This week they used their iPads to photograph the magnified image of plant cells through the eyepiece. Students witnessed the devastation of salt to the vacuole of elodea leaf cells, how vinegar weakens the cell wall after osmotic pressure empties the vacuole and how plant structures like xylem and phloem work to get water to leaves and sugar to the plant after photosynthesis. Through blended learning opportunities using hands on experiments and technology these students are able to master the skills they need to accomplish in the standard.

Weaver Leadership Academy Helps Feed the Homeless

Some of the 8th grade leadership academy students hosted a ‘Penny Wars’ competition at the school last month. Under the direction of Mrs. Murlin, Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. Muzzalupo the students used the money they earned, to make a meal to serve at a food pantry. The students worked to create a budget for the items they needed to buy and cook. The students made pulled pork, pulled chicken, green beans, cornbread, mac-n-cheese and cookies. Each student came with a chaperone to serve their meal at Vineyard’s Fruit of the Vine food pantry. You can watch a short video that highlights the project.

The students learned a lot from this opportunity and did a great job! Being Ready for Tomorrow isn’t always about learning inside a classroom, it sometimes takes place in our community, outside the walls of our schools.