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Student Council.

Student Council helps create a positive and spirited Davidson environment by sharing students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with advisors and school administrators. We help raise funds and plan school-wide activities, including Homecoming, Variety Show, Winter Fest, and Prom! Student Council is involved in community projects such as decorating Darby Glenn Nursing Home for the holidays, Project Linus, and donating presents to families in need at Davidson High School. Want to have a voice and be a part of your student government? Apply today!

In order to apply, you must complete the application process below and have 3 teacher recommendations. It is your responsibility to share the teacher recommendation form with your teachers! Please see Miss Mowery (room 250) or Mrs. Palus (Guidance) for questions.

Interested in applying for your Class President or Vice President? In addition to completing the application process above, you must submit the following items:

  • A letter of interest
    • This should be a professional letter addressed to the Student Council Advisors where you outline why you would like to be your Class President/Vice President and what qualities/attributes you will bring to the position.
  • An endorsement from a teacher/staff member or peer
    • This teacher/staff member or peer must be willing to endorse your run for class president/vice president!
  • A video
    • You will create a brief 1-2 minute video about why you should be elected as Class President/Vice President. This video is intended for your peers and will be shared with your class.

You will need to create a Google folder with all requirements and send/share them with Miss Mowery (Audrey_Mowery@hboe.org) and Mrs. Palus (Lindsey_Palus@hboe.org)

To stay up-to-date with all things Davidson and Student Council, follow us on twitter @hdhsSC and instagram @hdhs.sc



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