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HDwpawAs our mission statement reads, we believe the best education is the result of a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and community members, and taking an interest in your child’s school is a first step to becoming an active part in our educational community.

At Davidson High School, we are proud of our strong academic, fine arts, and athletic programs, and I encourage you to carefully navigate through this site to learn more about the great things happening in our building. You’ll find we’re a school that is home to a myriad of courses, clubs, teams, activities, and events designed to best meet the needs of all Davidson High School students.

Alma Mater

Hilliard, we sing our praise to thee,
Past memories that we hold dear,
Lasting friendships we have made,
Of you, we’re proud year after year.
O Hilliard Davidson High, the white and blue,
To these colors, we’ll be true,
And sing our praise until we die,
Our Alma Mater, Hilliard Davidson High.

Heritage Middle School Mascot

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William Ragland

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