Art Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Hannah Gerken Email:
Meeting Space: Room 161 When: Thursdays
Description: To provide additional education and opportunities for students interested in visual arts.

Black Student Alliance

Advisor(s): Mr. Eric Pressler Email:
Meeting Space: Room 254 When: Mondays
Description: The purpose of the Hilliard Davidson Black Student Alliance is to seek knowledge about prevalent events and topics regarding diversity, to foster a sense of community, to empower students to be themselves, and to facilitate growth within our community.

Chinese Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Kuei-Fang Tai Email:
Meeting Space: Room 227 When: 2nd Friday of each month
Description: The Chinese Club is open to all students who are interested in Chinese language and culture to promote tolerance, awareness and appreciation of different ways of life. We will learn, experience, explore, practice and discuss through various topics and activities, such as languages, songs, movies, arts and crafts, games, sports, dancing, holiday celebrations and food.

Drama Club/Tech Crew

Advisor(s): Mr. Trace Crawford, David Shaffer Email:
Meeting Space: Room 70/PAC When: Every weekday
Description: The breadth and depth of Davidson’s theatre program coupled with its multiple entry points and community connections have allowed a long tradition of artistic and educational excellence to continue year after year. Besides an extensive array of curricular offerings, Davidson’s after-school program includes Drama Club, Tech Crew, and Thespian Troupe #1316.

Engineering Club

Advisor(s): Dan Ringger Email: 
Meeting Space: When:

Environmental Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Bonnie Bloom Email:
Meeting Space: Room 216 When: first and third Friday of each month
Description: The mission of the Environmental Club is to help students understand the importance of environmentally-friendly practices in their daily lives. The club typically focuses on one big and several smaller projects throughout the school year.

French Club

Advisor(s): Mr. Brandon Broadwater Email:
Meeting Space: Room 230 & Culinary Cuisine Room When: One meeting per month, sometimes two, the days vary widely
Description: French Club is designed to offer students more exposure to French and francophone cultures via enrichment activities such as cooking and cuisine, holiday celebrations, films, and more. It is also meant to help build community for kids to participate in fun activities out of the classroom with old and new friends.

Film Festival

Advisor(s): Dan Gerdeman Email:
Meeting Space: Room 153 When: Thursdays from January -April
Description: Student led all Davidson and Hub short film festival. Seniors chosen by application.

Future Medical Careers Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Bonnie Bloom & Mrs. Liz Lucas Email:;
Meeting Space: Room 232 When: 3rd Tuesday of each month
Description: A career in the health field is so much bigger than being a doctor or being a nurse! The mission of Future Medical Careers is to help students explore the wide variety of career options available to students in the health fields. Students will have the information necessary so they can make the best post-high-school decisions to lead them to fulfilling careers in health sciences.


Advisor(s): Maureen Flanagan & Lindsay Martin Email:
Meeting Space: Room 167 When: First and third Thursdays of the Month
Description: The HDV GSA strives to promote an open, inclusive, and welcoming environment to members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. It is our goal to create and strengthen alliances that increase awareness and foster a safe school atmosphere for all.

Hope Squad

Advisor(s): Mrs. Palus, Mrs. Clausen & Mrs. Lauren Smith Email:;;
Meeting Space: Media Center When: Second Thursday of each month
Description: Hope Squad is a club that meets one to two times per month after school. Members will learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, reach out to peers in distress, and refer them to trusted adults. They will also receive training on self-care and hopeful living. In addition to learning, students will also do the following:

● Plan hopeful activities in the school/community, including Hope Weeks throughout the year.

● Help counselors with mental health presentations.

● Visit elementary and middle schools.

● Attend a Hope Squad conference.

● Create a Davidson Hope Squad video.

Interact Club

Advisor(s): Liz Lucas, LeeAnn Cannistra & Ashley Hummel Email:,,
Meeting Space: 239 When: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Executive on 2nd Tuesdays
Description: Interact is a service organization that reaches both local organizations and International organization. Our goal is to connect with the community by outreach and engagement. We also work closely with the local Rotary!

In The Know

Advisor(s): Mr. George & Mr. Wheeler Email:;
Meeting Space: 228 When: typically the first, second, and fourth Thursday of the month
Description: Davidson’s Academic Trivia Team

Key Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Kuei-Fang Tai Email:
Meeting Space: Room 212 When: TBD
Description: We are an international service organization affiliated with Kiwanis International and dedicated to community service.  Come join us to meet new people and make a difference locally and globally as Hilliard Davidson volunteers!!

Mock Trial

Advisor(s): Mr. Vipperman &  Mr. Wheeler Email:;
Meeting Space: Room 212 When: TBD
Description: We are an international service organization affiliated with Kiwanis International and dedicated to community service.  Come join us to meet new people and make a difference locally and globally as Hilliard Davidson volunteers!!

Morgan’s Message

Advisor(s): Cori Schulte Email:
Meeting Space: Media Center When: TBD
Description: Morgan’s Message amplifies stories, resources, and expertise to confront student-athlete mental health, builds a community by and for athletes, and provides a platform for advocacy.

Muslim Student Association

Advisor(s): Mrs. Noura Elnaji Email:
Meeting Space: Room 202 When: First Monday of each month (may change after meeting with club leaders)
Description: The club provides a space for students to share experiences and create social opportunities in and out of school. One of the goals is to plan fundraising events and to give back to the community.

National Honor Society

Advisor(s): Mrs. Angie Rader & Mrs. Natalie Strawser Email:;
Meeting Space: PAC When: First Friday of every month
Description: NHS is dedicated to improving Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character at Hilliard Davidson.

Club Latino

Advisor(s): Mrs. Lisa Braun Email:
Meeting Space: Room 214 When: TBD
Description: This club celebrates the culture and language of the Spanish Speaking World.


Advisor(s): Ms. Brickley & Mrs. Clausen Email:;
Meeting Space: TBD When: TBD
Description: ROX is a club for girls that focuses on team building, healthy communication, dealing with girl drama/bullying, healthy relationships, navigating social media, body image, support systems, sexual harassment, safety and violence prevention, stress and coping, academic and career development and leadership. Interested students must apply to be in ROX as there are only 12 available spots per year.

Ski & Board Club

Advisor(s): Mrs. Laura Penzone & Miss Taylor Butler Email:
Meeting Space: 212 When: Thursdays
Description:  Ski Club will go to Mad River Mountain on 5 Thursday evenings starting January 12th.  There is also an additional trip for more advanced skiers and boarders on January 21 to Holiday Valley in New York state.  Specific information will be available at the meeting and provided in paper and google doc form on Tuesday, October 25th in room 212 and 202.  We hope to have sign ups “live” on My Payments Plus on Tuesday, November 1st.  Any questions?  Contact


Complete Details

Speech and Debate Club

Advisor(s): Mr. Matt Wheeler Email:
Meeting Space: 202/126 When: Weekly or Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays
Description: The Davidson Speech and Debate Club seeks to offer debate activities which improve critical thinking, teamwork, citizenship, and leadership as well as promote a diverse community committed to empowering students through competitive speech and debate.

Student Council

Advisor(s): Ms. Audrey Mowery Email:
Meeting Space: PAC When: Varies
Description: Student Council is dedicated to creating a positive and spirited Davidson environment by representing the student body and sharing students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with advisors and school administrators. For complete information and applications please visit the Student Council page.

Student Mentors

Advisor(s): Ms. Lori Mongolier & Mrs. Ronda Munson Email:;
Meeting Space: Commons When: Once every three months
Description: To assist/mentor new students when they enroll at Davidson.  Both the new student and mentor are connected through their lunch periods.  Mentors also help with our “Help Us Help Our Own” school food drive and other activities as they arise.

Women In Engineering

Advisor(s): Mrs. Seck (parent volunteer) Email:
Meeting Space: TBD When: TBD
Description: The WiE club will provide an environment for women who are interested in the STEM fields and/or pursuing engineering as a career.


Advisor(s): Mrs. Burke Email:
Meeting Space: It’s a class When: Only during class
Description: Design and create a school yearbook each year.

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