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Individualized Learning Experiences

At the Innovation Campus, students will connect through unique learning experiences. Students personalize their learning just like they personalize their music or coffee order. They can explore their interests, get a head start in college, map out a personalized education plan, or run a business, all while keeping connected with their home building. Each program offers specific courses and engaging activities for students of all ages that enhance the educational experience before, during, and after school.

Centralized Learning

The Innovation Campus provides unique educational opportunities for students from the entire district.  Middle and high school students can follow their passion and take courses on the Innovation Campus that would not generate full classrooms in their home schools.  Through a fiscally responsible business plan we can continue to offer personalized learning.


This program is designed for the student who wants to creatively explore learning through the lens of design and production. Advanced levels of the arts, language, and other forms of expression encompass the framework for this individualized experience. This program is for the student who wants to discover unique ways for imaginative learning.

Discover Me

How do you become the best version of you? Learn more about yourself through collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Classes allow students to use design thinking to creatively solve problems that better their lives and the lives of others. Students will show what they know and incorporate what they love into their learning.


What are your passions? What impact do you want to make in the world? What type of work will utilize your strengths and help you to live out and ignite that passion? Which career path could be a good fit for you and what educational path should you take after high school? Through authentic on-site mentoring experiences and paid and non-paid internships, the Career Mentorship Program helps students find answers to these questions and more. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Core Content Areas

A student that takes Core Infusion will receive their seventh-grade science and language arts credits, as well as an elective credit through a course called Design Thinking. In eighth-grade, it is a 2 period science and ELA class. This is a three-credit program where all of the courses are integrated within our classrooms, with Design Thinking as a focus.   Students taking Core Infusion Math with Innovation Studio (2 period block) receive their 7th grade math credit along with an elective credit.  Innovation and Design in American History is a semester long, 2 period block course that fulfills the 8th grade social studies requirement. 

Online Learning

The Online Academy will provide the best possible experience for students by offering rigorous courses taught through a collaborative and unique learning environment. Students choose between self-directed learning options and more traditional lessons and activities.


The Personal Success Network changes lives through personalizing online education, creating a sense of belonging, providing a safe learning environment, and creating relationships with purpose and meaning. A personal approach to student success is offered in a co-teaching environment where online teachers and PSN Coaches/Intervention Specialists collaborate to teach students skills for success in school and life.

College Jumpstart

This program is designed for the student who wants to experience higher education during their high school career. Through partnerships with local institutes of higher learning, a student will be able to enroll in college level courses, participate in dual enrollment courses on-site, and/or earn college credits prior to graduation.

Young Professionals

This program is designed for the student who wants to experience school through authentic learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students in middle and high school can choose to enroll in course focused around Health Professions, Teaching or Business. High school students can also opt for Career mentorship where they are paired with a local business or professional of their interest.   Contact the home building counselors for more information.

Are You Looking For Guidance?

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