Hilliard City Schools | Ready for Tomorrow

One2One iPad Essentials & Expectations 

Please watch the video below to learn about how to take care of your school iPad, as well as, an overview of the Hilliard Schools iPad expectations for grades 5-12.


Hilliard Schools mission is to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow. Paper textbooks and resources are not only expensive to continuously produce, they can quickly become outdated. In addition the workforce of tomorrow will have to be comfortable learning in a digital world. By reallocating existing resources, we can help students become ready for not only higher education, but the jobs and leaders of tomorrow.

Hilliard City School District | Superintendent, John Marschhausen, Ph.D. | Treasurer, Brian W. Wilson

2140 Atlas Street, Columbus, OH 43228 | Phone: (614) 921-7000 | Fax: (614) 921-7001

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